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dante_uk 10-04-04 07:01 PM

Linux client.
It's out:

Installed and ran without problems on my laptop using Suse 8.2.
Laptop: 2.2ghz 512mb NVidia GF4 4200go
Driver for Linux is 61.11
Demo1 1280x800 Med 14.6FPS
Demo1 960x700 Med 19.9FPS
Demo1 800x600 Med 23.9FPS

Driver for WinXP is 65.73
Demo1 1280x800 Med 14.8
Demo1 960x700 Med 20.5
Demo1 800x600 Med 26.1

For widescreen I'm using:
seta r_customHeight "700"
seta r_customWidth "960"
seta r_aspectRatio "2"
seta r_mode "-1"
seta r_fullscreen "1"

I'm getting a sound problem in some cut scenes, sort of clipped echo like a guitar delay pedel.

holmes 10-04-04 09:06 PM

Re: Linux client.

dante_uk 10-05-04 04:53 AM

Re: Linux client.
Only problem so far is the sound is stuttering sometimes or actually it seems more like a short clipped echo effect ( like a guitar delay pedel ).

Anyone else having sound problems on with new Linux client?

holmes 10-05-04 11:18 AM

Re: Linux client.
no sound problems here.. you using OSS or ALSA?

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