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monly 10-05-04 06:06 AM

Best music in a game?
What do you people think is the single best song/theme for a game? I personaly think Moh:aa has it.

saturnotaku 10-05-04 06:08 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
If we're not talking original music, I think GTA: Vice City has one of the best. Nothing like going on a vehicular rampage to the likes of Yes. :D

Halo has an awesome soundtrack as well, but my favorite of any game is probably Shenmue II.

theultimo 10-05-04 06:32 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
depends on genre, i suppose.

DDR games.

monly 10-05-04 06:35 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
well no it doesnt really:S its just the track of music you like best out of every game out there. doesnt matter if its an rpg or an fps.

|MaguS| 10-05-04 06:35 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
Half-Life for PC and Chrono Trigger for Consoles.

monly 10-05-04 06:40 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
wanna hear somthing really amazing? i have never played half life or any of its mods:D lol

monly 10-05-04 06:41 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
How bout we change it to songs/music which the developers made, not songs which were released like most of those from need for speed. :)

Gaco 10-05-04 06:54 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
System Shock 2 (Link: http://www.ttlg.com/other/jukebox/ss2.htm

Deus Ex (oh yes I love the theme among with Chateau and Synapse.. those were really the days! Link: http://www.planetdeusex.com/dx1/files/music/)

Halo (You can't hear the soundtrack legally online, but you can buy it :))

Rainbow Six series (Link: http://bbmusic.crosswinds.net/musicG1.htm)

C&C Generals and the expansion Zero Hour (Link: http://www.billbrownmusic.com/musicG4.htm)

Hitman series (Link: http://www.jesperkyd.com/ Can't give you a direct link, this is as far as I can get you. But his compositons from the Hitman series and Freedom Fighters are really worth checking out)

Thats about those I can think of right now, I will properbly add more to this post when I think of them. Among my favorites are Jesper Kyd and Bill Brown. Truly brilliant game music artists :)

|JuiceZ| 10-05-04 07:23 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
bare none Interstate '76! Funk to the fullest baby! :jammin:

NAZCA M12 10-05-04 07:33 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
The Dig. The (rare) soundtrack of this game is incredible.

Ninjaman09 10-05-04 08:21 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy IV
TIE Fighter
Deus Ex
Wild ARMs

ragejg 10-05-04 08:23 AM

Re: Best music in a game?
Wow, none of you have mentioned Alice... :(

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