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sonaboy 11-10-02 11:57 AM

MOHAA: Ex. Pack Troubles?
So, what's the deal with the MOH demo? Is everyone just stuck in spawn limbo like me?
Any fixes? Is this an EA central server issue, or what?
Has anyone heard more about this?

intercede007 11-10-02 12:18 PM

Most of the servers I have tried all work. You just have to keep hunting around.

sonaboy 11-10-02 12:22 PM

i tried finding a game for about 15 minutes..probably tried about 30 servers...they all did it...i got in when i first DL'd the demo, to about 5 diff games...
but i think something is up...because i asked a few other players online stuck in spawn what they went through..and it seems to be compounding the longer the servers are up...
could be me though, i'm no geeeeeenyus at comps by any means...

thcdru2k 11-10-02 12:32 PM

sounds like a bad internet connection? what kinda pings are you getting. have you tweaked your connecting? if not go to dslreports.com and their tweak section.

sonaboy 11-10-02 12:59 PM

i doubt that's it..
I have a cable connection, and only entered games pinging back to me under 100ms.
I just wondered if anyone else was having this much trouble, because from the sounds of it while in the servers on quick chat, LOTS of people are getting this prob...

stncttr908 11-10-02 05:23 PM

Its not your connection, it happens to me and I have one of the fastest ISP's in the US.

sonaboy 11-10-02 05:57 PM

yes, it's obvious
this demo isn't quite ready for the store shelves yet, several bugs appear from server to server..i get lots of clipping errors in some spots, trapped in others, all sorts of things.
and it appears that many many servers are loading bogus maps that no one can join..

intercede007 11-10-02 08:19 PM

Isn't the game coming out in 2 days? Its really gonna hurt EA if this thing has already gone to gold, been pressed and shipped, and before its out of the box and into my grubby little hands it needs a patch.

Gee..thanks EA. You have completely missed the point of releasing demo's.

stncttr908 11-11-02 06:39 AM

EA can eat my crap. There's no way I'd buy this for a few new maps and weapons. Raven goes the extra mile and gives you things like this for free with every patch for SOF2. This isn't The Sims EA, people will see through this. That's why you didn't support the mod community, because someone would have made a total conversion 10x better than Spearhead is.

Not to mention almost all demo servers are ****ed.

cricket 11-11-02 04:24 PM

i have to totally disagree with you guys....this game is gonna ROCK!..YES I have joined a few servers that stunk too but they were probablly not 'dedicated servers"..the original mohaa is one of the best ever made single player missions games ive ever played,and the multiplayer was also great. this spearhead is a nice bonus, including 9 new single player mission, and 13 or 15 new multiplayer maps. the original came out in march 2002, and now only 8 months later they release a nice add on pack. for $29.00 i would say it is a must buy. just give it a week or too after tommorow and you will see it all be worked out. the 3 best single player missions parts of games ive ever played that rocked were 1. RTCW 2. MOHAA 3. NOLF 1 & 2...AND the multiplayer parts also were very good. trust me im an internet junkie..i know these things.

sonaboy 11-14-02 10:24 AM

| Sounds like someone who works for EA found their way into the NVidiot forum boards..

CWB 11-20-02 06:20 PM

I have DSL. Every Spearhead server I join, regardless of ping, lags. Some more than others, but they all do it, even dedicated.

So I popped in the original MOHAA and tried it. Same thing. Servers I used to play on every night for months now lag horribly.

This makes me think its not anybody's connection, but something to do with the latest patch for original Allied Assault (which Spearhead automatically installs before installing itself).

Someone told me if you connect directly with their IP and skip the in-game browser, it doesnt happen, implying its a Gamespy problem. I never tried it, tho. If someone else does, please let me know if it helps.

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