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ahpook 10-13-04 12:56 AM

nvaudio on nforce2-ultra shuttle sn41g
I sent this in to the nforce-linux-bugs address but figured I'll post here too --
if they respond i'll update this thread

Hello, I've recently got the latest NFORCE-Linux-x86-1.0-0283 stuff going
on my shuttle SN41G2 (nforce2) -- most things seem to work, and it sounds tons better than the i810 opensource /
alsa drivers. I do have a couple of
questions for you though. I looked through the nvnews.net forum but didn't
see anything particularly relevant. My sound hardware is reported as
nForce APU / SoundStorm - nForce MCP-T / Hw rev a2 in nvmixer.

Here goes:

1. In Windows and on Alsa, I had to find and enable a "hidden" checkbox labelled "Alternate MIC Input" in order to
get my microphone to work. I
guess there are two possible (headers|addresses) on this hardware and Shuttle chose the wrong one -- is there a way
to toggle the equivalent of this "alternate MIC input" on your driver? If so, how?

2. On Fedora Core 1, hardware mixing (multiple userland apps opening /dev/dsp)
*mostly* works, but occasionally something will get hung up when a second
program tries to write to /dev/dsp. 'strace' of the hung processes shows its hung on repeated futex() calls -- I
(partially) understand this being
a problem with NPTL based kernels and a big problem since RH9. Is there any
way around it, like some option I can compile nvsound.o with to avoid futex'ing?

3. Is there any human-comprehensible documentation that describes what the
"Advanced" checkboxes do? Specifically I have:
What's that mean?

Thanks..overall this is quality release, it's so nice to have decent sound
in Linux, and a commercial-grade mixer app that actually understands the nforce hardware.

jacen 10-13-04 08:58 AM

Re: nvaudio on nforce2-ultra shuttle sn41g
About the point 3, all those options are for change the way the sound goes out. For example, if your center and bass sound is going out by the mic output, you should enable the first option. This is useful when there are some misconfigurations betwen the driver and the Mother Board.

ahpook 10-13-04 12:52 PM

Re: nvaudio on nforce2-ultra shuttle sn41g
Hmm -- interesting! That may be helpful, because I am not using my
Center input, maybe I can enable MIC TO CENTER LFE and plug it in there.
I'll have to try that tonight. Thanks for the reply!

ahpook 10-14-04 09:49 PM

Re: nvaudio on nforce2-ultra shuttle sn41g
I got a good response from Vinod @ nvidia. I won't quote it all here because I don't
have permission, but he said that a checkbox to toggle mic input will be in the next
version and gave me a workaround for now. UT2004 here I come.

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