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msxyz 10-14-04 10:36 AM

5 years of cards benchmarked at iXBT
Digit Life made another huge roundup of cards starting from those released in 1999 up to the latest. (see NVnews homepage for a link :P)

Good news for S3 owners... I was amazed to see that Savage4 and Savage2000 are still able to run most of the tests: I guess this is because their driver development never cheased as these cores are still integrated today in many VIA chipsets.

...digging an old Savage4XT out of the closet :D

MUYA 10-14-04 10:36 AM

Re: 5 years of cards benchmarked at iXBT
welcome to the front page ;)

ragejg 10-14-04 11:41 AM

Re: 5 years of cards benchmarked at iXBT
I'm pleasantly suprised to see the GF2 Pro/Ti doing so well still in games like CoD and Painkiller...

I say that because that's the $25-40 card that i got for people last year.. this year, that card is a GF3, which also still appears to have some muscle left...

Some gamers are happy to still play SS:SE, RTCW, and other 2000-2002 games... and thos cards are still up to the task.... I almost rolled out of my chair, however when I saw both GF256 and MX420 beat the 64 bit 5200 @ 10x7 RTCW... yep I remember when I had mine :banghead: :p

render 11-03-04 01:24 AM

Re: 5 years of cards benchmarked at iXBT
And I was glad to notice that part of the tests is still running with bench'emall :)
They doing a great work, really.

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