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connyosis 10-15-04 08:58 AM

Getting an Athlon 64 system
I'm planning to buy a Athlon 64 system pretty soon, and what I would like to know is whether to get a nforce3 based motherboard, or a VIA KT800 Pro based one. I realize this might be a silly question on a Nvidia forum, but I would like to hear your opinions on what motherboard is likely to work better in Linux. (Running Gentoo)

What I've seen from looking around the net is that the Via motherboard works very well in Linux, however I have had problems with Via motherboards in the past, has that changed? Is Via considered stable nowadays and my worries are unfounded?
As for the nforce3 motherboard, will I need to download drivers from nvidia? I really want as much as possible to be supported by the Linux kernel. Will the sound, network, IDE work with a recent Linux kernel, or do I need some binary drivers to get it all running?

I'd appreciate some help in this matter since this is a pretty expensive buy for a student.

JRepin 10-15-04 10:47 AM

Re: Getting an Athlon 64 system
I have a MSI K8T Neo FIS2R motherboard with VIA K8T800 and it is working very stable in both Linux (also Gentoo compiled for AMD64) and Windows XP (32-bit). I think that VIA is the safest choice for Linux. It looks like VIA releases more specifications to opensource developers so they can make drivers earlier and better ones. For example I had quite some problems with nForce 2 chipset in my old computer and no problem with VIA K8T800. Can't say what the situation is with nForce3 but I guess this hasen't changed a lot since then.

blueworm 10-15-04 12:28 PM

Re: Getting an Athlon 64 system
I had an ASUS k8v via k8t800.(I killed it. my own stupid fault...)
I now have a MSI k8N nforce3-250.
both are good boards for nforce3 your gonna need a =>2.6.8 kernel.
VIA based board will run with a lot older kernels also so unless you are up to compilling your own kernel stick to the VIA board.
Both are completely stable no real downsides.

connyosis 10-15-04 01:32 PM

Re: Getting an Athlon 64 system
Thanks for the replies, good to hear both are good choices.
I am constantly compiling new kernels (Yes, I'm a geek) so I guess I wont have any problems with nforce3 either.

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