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Serial_Killer 10-16-04 09:51 AM

What can the 5700Q be flashed to?
I have an Albatron 5700Q rev2.0 the same as at this site


and was wondering what it could, if at all, be flashed up to successfully without dying

please post suggestions and previous experiances,

thank you

Kev1 10-16-04 11:25 AM

Re: What can the 5700Q be flashed to?
Thats a great video card, but I doubt it can be flashed to anything else. Memory is not fast enough to flash to 5700 Ultra.

Only thing I would do is use Coolbits or NVTuner to overclock, thats about it.

rewt 10-16-04 06:19 PM

Re: What can the 5700Q be flashed to?
I would use OmniExtremeEdit FX to mod the latest BIOS for higher core/memory clocks and perhaps even lower the memory latencies so that the card processes more info per clock cycle. Of course you can still use Coolbits and RivaTuner afterwards to gain even more performance.

msxyz 10-17-04 04:16 AM

Re: What can the 5700Q be flashed to?
You can rise easily the core clock to 500MHz and even higher but, with slow 3.6ns RAM (550MHz relative), you'll hit the wall at about 450MHz of core, save in some shader intensive games where a few extra MHz might help.

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