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msxyz 10-17-04 04:36 AM

GeForce2MX Madness
I'm upgrading a PC for a friend. This guys has a XP2600+ but, save for the MB and processor, he has told me to upgrade all the rest leaving me free choice but within a certain budget.

Now his PC lies open on my desk. Since yesterday I had a few spare hours, I digged out of the closed my old and faithful GeForce2MX (God knows how I loved that card) to run a few tests with modern games. (crazy)

What impressed me most was Doom 3 performance. I've installed the demo and made a quick run through the three levels available At 640x480, low or even medium detail -with no shadows- it's perfectly playable! :kar:

True, my old faithful card was no ordinary MX. It's a ASUS v7100Pro, with core upped to 200MHZ (no big deal) but with 4.5nS RAM chips which work up to 250MHz (and I flashed the card to 225 MHZ which was well within their specs)

I wish I could spill some numbers but it seems that there are no timedemos included with the Doom 3 demo (I don't have the full version)

Well, it was fun to see the good ol' GeForce2MX in action, time to put it back to rest ;)

Marcos 10-17-04 07:55 AM

Re: GeForce2MX Madness
3dmark 2k1 that **** bro

msxyz 10-17-04 10:53 AM

Re: GeForce2MX Madness
Ok, I borrowed from a friend of mine his copy of Doom 3 to make a few tests before reformatting and re-assembling the PC :D

Demo1 : 640x480 medium detail, no shadows, no specular: 23.5 fps avg.

I also recorded the intro as a demo because this sequence also seems to be very demanding (at least as graphics are concerned):

Intro : 640x480 medium detail, no shadows, no specular 24.3 fps avg.

I'm really impressed. Oh, BTW 3DMark2001 score at default settings is 3940.

ragejg 10-17-04 11:41 AM

Re: GeForce2MX Madness
3940 on a GF2mx? WOW!!

That infringes on GF2GTS territory... that card's a heck of a lot more usable than a regular GF2mx, which would normally get 2000-2800 in '01...

msxyz 10-17-04 01:00 PM

Re: GeForce2MX Madness
Back in '01, in my old rig, it never scored more than 2900 3dMarks. I guess this result is mainly due to 3dMark processor dependency. Not to mention that at 3.6Gb/sec of bandwidth, compared to 2.7 of other retail MXs, this card was really an outsider.

mikkl 10-19-04 11:09 AM

Re: GeForce2MX Madness
What drivers are you using with that card? I'm currently using 53.03 on one machine and 56.64 on another and am looking for recommendations. sounds like you may have hit a sweet spot.


msxyz 10-19-04 11:25 AM

Re: GeForce2MX Madness
I was using 65.73 WHQL for the test.

ragejg 10-19-04 01:11 PM

Re: GeForce2MX Madness
GF2MX's score the same in '01 in an Athlon 1000 as they do on an AMD64, fyi...

I think your card has a 128 bit memory interface, allowing it to scale with cpu clock speed... unlike other MX's...

msxyz 10-19-04 02:55 PM

Re: GeForce2MX Madness
Yep, Rivatuner report it has a 128bit interface. I had for a short time also a Creative 3DBlaster GeForce2MX, one of the very few NV11 retail parts (to my knowledge) with DDR RAM. It used 7nS chips at 143MHz (286 equivalent) but only with a 64 bit bus. I sold it when I purchased this Asus which had better performance.

I once saw a review of the later V7100Pro with MX400 chip at NVitalia.com They overclocked to an incredible 270MHz both on the core and the memories and obtained a nearly GeForce2GTS score.

champdave 10-20-04 01:00 PM

Re: GeForce2MX Madness
You've inspired me to go borrow a friends doom 3 so I can play it on our computer before it gets upgraded!

It runs the Sims 2 and Max Payne 2 fine here too!

msxyz 10-21-04 09:10 AM

Re: GeForce2MX Madness
1 Attachment(s)
Keep in mind that I was testing the card on a Athlon XP 2600+ with 512MB of RAM.

Oh, BTW here's a picture of the little queen... :hug:

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