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someone12345 10-17-04 12:50 PM

TwinView not to support xinerama?

Apparently NV's dual head solution approach differs from other vendor's one. E.g. X will recognize a Matrox G550 as two physical boards each connected to a physical display.

NV's TwinView seems to do the thing in a somewhat strange manner on its own somehow in the background. In my X config there's one FX5500 and one 1280x1024 display but in fact I successfully run two displays.

The problem: X is not aware of the second monitor, i.e. KDE does not offer multi-head options such as maximizing windows only on one display, center windows etc. And, a real problem, aspect ratios are calculated faulty. The output of tvtime, xine, mplayer etc. is twice as wide. For mplayer you can workaround this by -aspect 2:3 for 4:3 or 8:9 for 19:9 respectively.

thegnu 10-17-04 01:15 PM

Re: TwinView not to support xinerama?
Some stuff recognizes the second monitor (ie, rox). You should bring this up with the KDE development too. It would be good for Twinview to treat each monitor independently like Xinerama though. I need to correct the color on one monitor, but on the other, it's perfect.

XtremXpert 10-17-04 08:09 PM

Re: TwinView not to support xinerama?
Same problem here, but only with Gentoo. On Yoper, Mandrake & Xandros TwinView behave as we expect (i.e. Maximize in the click monitor, not in both). Both I also notice that the NVidia logo is shown really less time in Gentoo than the other...

kb7oeb 12-25-04 02:03 AM

Re: TwinView not to support xinerama?
I bet kde supports xinerama. When I had a MX420 and a voodoo3 running two monitors I used gnome and when I would maximize it would fill up the monitor the window was on. Now that I have a 5700LE dual head the maximize button fills up both monitors. The documentation makes me think it should still work but I can't figure out how.

afavini 01-02-05 05:35 AM

Re: TwinView not to support xinerama?
With SuSE 9.2 (So SaX2) it's easy to configure a dual monitor solution. I configured my Geforce 4200Ti to use xinerama quickly. Anyway the utility nvidia-settings recognizes 2 monitors in classical mode (2 different and indipendent desktops) but only 1 in Xinerama so that color settings can be made only on the primary monitor.

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