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ajac 10-17-04 03:45 PM

new card time any suggestions?
I got 250 bucks to spend on a new card. What should I get and waht brand? I am thikning the FX 5900 xt but need u pro's opinions:

AMD 64 3000+
Gigabyte k8ns motherboard
1 gig DDR 3200
Geforce fx 5600 128mb

Thanks for the advice.

bobmanfoo 10-17-04 04:50 PM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
$250 and you want to get a 5900xt? you could get a 6800nu for that price range

ihiktacos 10-17-04 05:05 PM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
What he said :)




Close enough to 250 (refurbished though)

And there probably are other sites where you can find a 6800nu for around $250

aAv7 10-17-04 05:12 PM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
If you can't find a 6800nu for that price, I'd say wait it out till the 6600Gt comes out at least. A 5900xt won't last you as long as it would have a year and a half ago....just not worth $250 at this point. Much more powerful cards to be had for that amount....6800nu or 6600 gt.

Kojiro 10-19-04 12:29 AM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
I know that this is a nvidia forum but ATI 9800 Pros are readily availible and go for $250. Nvidia's 6 series cards are power full. If you can find a 6800 nu for $250, it is a deal. 6800 nu lays the smack down on all cards with in the 300 dollar price range.

But I think it is well worth the extra 50 bucks.

Slyder 10-19-04 01:05 AM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
I wondered who would be the first to pimp the 6 series.... lol

On a serious note, I would also suggest the FX5900XT. The cards are brilliant, and only really lack SM3.0 support. The 6 series will be around 100 before we see any games using that technology on a mainstream level.

So dont go nuts, theres no real need ;)

just my $2...

CaptNKILL 10-19-04 01:12 AM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
Deffinitely go with a 6800 NU or 6800 LE. A 5900XT is no where near fast enough for the rest of your system. Besides they are in the $150-$200 range.

For around $250, look for a 6800 LE. If you can go a little over $250 get a 6800NU.

If you get lucky you can softmod either to get a bunch more speed out of them (possibly up to 6800 GT levels).

A 9800 Pro can be bought for $200, but you should really consider a 6800 series over anything else.

rohit 10-19-04 02:42 AM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
I suggest wait, wait till nov mid, get urself a 6800non-ultra or 6600GT, the 6600GT,alone, beats the 9800XT/pro and 5900XT/Ultra/nu and 5950U.
+ PS3.0 support, n many additional things u wuld like to hav in ur agp card
So Plz jus wait.

RealLifePixelShader 10-19-04 03:02 AM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
I used to have a 5900XT

on my system 3Ghz prescott 1GB ram and I got 20FPS in doom 3

now with my 6800Gt i get 80FPS

tristancarton 10-19-04 03:32 AM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
6800 nu if you need somethign now.

6600 gt agp if you can wait a little while.

Diamond_G 10-19-04 04:33 AM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
agree with him ^

ragejg 10-19-04 06:09 AM

Re: new card time any suggestions?
nv40 all the way, if you have more than $200... browse the FS/FT section here @ nvnews, or hit the [h]ardforums for sale area... you could prolly find a barely used card, and save some serious greenbacks...

Get the most bungholiomarks for your dollar!!! :p:D:p:D

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