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snowcone 10-20-04 02:54 PM

Fx 5700 Ultra 128MB Tweaks?
I have a Fx 5700 Ultra, please if anyone can help, what sorta tweaks are out there to increase preformance without putting the vid card into any danager?

Ive just installed Riva Tuner...ive tweaked the blittering setting, stuttering has been reduced...

What other settings should i do...im very new to the whole OCing...tweaking scene...if you have links to something i can read to teach me more that would be great.

Please Help.

lmetza 10-20-04 04:10 PM

Re: Fx 5700 Ultra 128MB Tweaks?
1 thing i know might help is the omega drivers, install the performance. If you have an MSI card, install teh MSI drivers first then the omega's over them and use the MSI d.o.t and enable it and set it to commander (10% OC safely without worries). Thats all i have done so far, the d.o.t gained me 350ish 3dmarks in 03. Thats as far as ide go if i didnt want to risk anything, but theres probably a few things i dont know of.

forthe msi drivers (if you have msi card) just go to http://www.msi.com.tw/program/suppor...UID=534&kind=2

for the omega drivers head to www.omegadrivers.net , remember to read omegas guide irst if you havent used his tweaked drivers yet.

msxyz 10-22-04 01:01 AM

Re: Fx 5700 Ultra 128MB Tweaks?
Thre are two sets of Omega drivers for NVidia users. One give about the same quality of the Forceware at default settings but with a little speed boost and the other give abetter overall quality.

For me it's all about quality and I prefer to overclock the card rather than to boost performance by leveling down the rendering.

The 5700 core is made at IBM fabs using the same high performance 0.13 u process of the NV40. It can reach effortlessy 550MHz or even 600MHz.

The main limiting factor is the memory modules or rather the heat produced by GDDR-2 which affects also the overclocks of the core. If you're lucky enough to have a board with GDDR-3, they run much cooler and you can push the core highewr without worrying about stability or temperatures.

My board reaches 580MHz on the core and 1.05 GHz on the ram and it can run even the most demanding games without a glitch.

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