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Jelloguil 10-22-04 12:16 PM

Tnt2 voltage

I've just bougth a new motherboard for a client
a Soyo Kt-400 Dragon Ultra with Semptron 2500+

I've have a old AGP TNT2 card, it's work with the board but in the specs of the board, it's said only 1.5V AGP card supported, other voltage may be damaged your motherboard.

So the TNT2 card is it a 1.5V or 3.3V and can I leave this card on this motherboard without damaged it?


msxyz 10-22-04 12:29 PM

Re: Tnt2 voltage
Good question... Technically all AGP 4x cards should use 1.5V when plugged into an AGP rev 2.0 or newer motherboard. But the TNT2, as many other first generation AGP4x cards, was released actually before any AGP4x chipset was available. Many vendors just reused old PCB designs that were only compatible with AGP 1.0 specs.

I don't know if plugging this card into an AGP 3.0 motherboard will result in damage to your system or only in a black screen at startup. I've seen at least a couple of old Savage4/TNT2 cards that refused to work at 4x despite having an AGP 2.0 connector.

My advice: do not risk. Even a crippled GeForceMX with 64 bit bus or a Radeon 7000 (sold at 30$) will be a better card than a TNT2 and will be fully compliant

Jelloguil 10-22-04 01:07 PM

Re: Tnt2 voltage
Thanks msxyz

But I Try the card and it's work fine, I don't have blank screen and windows boot up... but I don't know if in 2-3 month it will be bust my motherboard!!!

msxyz 10-23-04 06:42 AM

Re: Tnt2 voltage
If it works then you're luck to have a TNT2 board which is fully AGP 4x compliant.

It should not endanger your motherboard.

Naffer 10-23-04 02:20 PM

Re: Tnt2 voltage
I've got an old TNT2 that works fine in AGP 4x and 8x motherboards. The card itself only supports 2x but it is a 1.5V card.

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