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nVidiaGuru 10-23-04 06:31 PM

Got a brand spankin new 5900nu :)
So my asus 5900 died on me a couple weeks ago, I was afraid that when I sent it in I wouldnt get an original NU, but to my suprize yesterday I did recieve one. I guess ASUS kept some in stock for RMA's?

I flashed it to a 5950 nearly as soon as i got it, and even better it overclocks a bit more than the last one...550/1015. So all in all the 3 week wait did end up with me getting a little extra, and its nice to know theres still some original NU's out there :)

ChrisRay 10-23-04 06:32 PM

Re: Got a brand spankin new 5900nu :)
Awesome :)

Kev1 10-24-04 07:57 PM

Re: Got a brand spankin new 5900nu :)
I'm very happy with my 5900NU. Flashed it months ago to 5950 and its been great at 515c/985m. Not as fast as your new one, but still pretty fast!

Score about 6147 in 3D Mark 03 too :)

nVidiaGuru 10-24-04 09:37 PM

Re: Got a brand spankin new 5900nu :)
i love my fx its gets the job done very well IMO, granted ive had to overclock my system a bit, but for me it works great. I can play farcry at 1280x1024 2xaf all settings on very high and i average 40fps, Doom3 1280x1024 4xaf on high settings avg 40fps again, CS Source 1280x1024 2xaa 4xaf high settings and score 56fps

edit: new 3dmark03 best :)

THE VIKING 10-25-04 06:04 PM

Re: Got a brand spankin new 5900nu :)
Have fun with your card. My FX 5900 runs all of my games well, but I'm not really a dedicated gamer.

Grechie 10-26-04 12:22 AM

Re: Got a brand spankin new 5900nu :)
hey just a quick question without openeing a new htread, but does 5900 family have shader model 2.0 or 2.0a or something? i know we dont have 3.0 thats for 6800's but im still a little illeterate to what this has. i no it has dx 9 but

-=DVS=- 10-26-04 12:34 AM

Re: Got a brand spankin new 5900nu :)
GF4 SM 1.3 -> R200 SM 1.4 -> R300 SM 2.0 -> FX line got ShaderModel 2.0 and 2.0a -> X800 line SM 2.0b -> 6800 line SM 3.0

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