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SquireD 11-12-02 04:14 AM

Things To Swing Me From Windows To Linux......
Hi guys,

Time for me second "I Need Help Post"...lol Ive had Red Hat Linux 8.0 for about 5 days now and Ive gotta say that it blows Windows out of the water but there are a few things i want Linux to do before I get rid of Windows XP. Dont mean to be all newbie, but I am and Ive been looking on the web for ages for the answers to these questions...lol. Well Here goes:

1. Internet radio Stations: My favourite radio station is Key 103 (Visit Key 103) and on windows when i click the Listen Live buttin it launches Windows Media Player and plays the radio staion.... How can I get Linux to do that? when I click it, it asks me to download the file...

2. MP3s: The basic player that comes with Linux for some reason will not let me play MP3s, when I load an MP3 the browser on Audio Player doesnt show the mp3 and when I press play it opens the file directories again :/ Any way of solving that?

3. Java VM: On windows before you can use Java on a website you have to download Java Virtual Machine. Ive tried to go on to Java sites and by the looks of it needs the same. Where would I get it or do I already have it and need to config it?

4. Is there any way of running Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Macromedia Fireworks MX or is there a program thaat is similar to it for Linux?

5. Is there anyway that I can get my fonts from windows to linux, then how would I install them?

Im sorry there are so many questions, im a n00b to linux, only been using it since friday....lol. You should of seen me trying to recompile the Nvidia drivers for my card! lol Dont know if it will help but here are my system specs:

OS 1: Red Hat Linux 8.0
OS 2: Windows XP Home
Intel Pentium 4 2000mhz 400fsb
Hercules 3D Prophet 3 64mb DDR (GF3)
Abit IT7 i845 Chipset with o/b: 5.1 sound, lan, firewire, usb 2.0, ata 133 raid

Thanks for any help i get :D


SquireD 11-12-02 04:35 AM


And can someone tell me how to switch to root user in the terminal....lol


MadDog 11-13-02 02:23 AM


And can someone tell me how to switch to root user in the terminal....lol


type su and provide the password for root

MadDog 11-13-02 02:37 AM

Hi There

I'm pretty new to linux myself. I have been using Mandrake 9.0 for a few weeks now.

I will try to help with some of your questions.

1. Key 103 FM appear to be providing only WindowsMedia "asf" audio. try to find out if they provide either Quicktime or Relameadia streaming, or try to get a media player that supports Windowsmedia streaming extensions "Unlikely on Linux"
Alternately Get hold of a copy of Wine, this is an implementation of the Windows API for Linux, it should allow you to run most applications for Windows on a linux box. This includes Dreamweaver, Fireworks and probably Windows Media Player.

2. There are dozens of MP3 players available for Linux, there is even a port of winamp available. Just try searching http://www.mandrakesoft.com/

3. Java - Depending on your choice of browser, Java should already be implemented. I use Netscape on X, but once again, even Internet Explorer can be used with Wine.

4. See 1

5. Fonts. I'm not so sure about this one, I would suggest finding a font source for X and checking the font substitution tables to find similar or identical fonts.

I hope this helps in some way. We are all still learning, as everything keeps changing anyway.

Good Luck


SquireD 11-13-02 02:56 AM

Thanks guys!

Ive got WineX and ive got it all installed ok. Managed to mount my Win Hard Drives in it too :)

Now ive just gotta figure out how to use it...lol


Ryo-Ohki 11-13-02 06:48 AM

Can't think of anything but XMMS for your MP3 playback. AFAIK it is not a port of Winamp per sae, but it does look the same and can use the same skins as Winamp 2.x. It even has OGG Vorbis support, which I strongly suggest you to try. I'm baffled it was not included in RH8.0 though - although, it wouldn't theorically show up if you're running KDE (but you can add it) since it is a GNOME application.

Open a Konsole (or your favorite command-line window) and type xmms& (the "&" being to actually fork a new process and give you back the command line).

Navigator -> Mozilla. Same thing, GNOME-based app. mozilla& and try it for yourself. GNOME has actually quite a few other nice office-class applications like Gnumeric & AbiWord, Evolution (almost perfect Outlook clone). Don't forget to look into OpenOffice also.

TrueType fonts can't be reused as-is in Linux since X & the Windows GUI are two very different things. I didn't look into that specific problem but a converter "may" exist. Don't hold me to this.

saturnotaku 11-13-02 09:24 AM

If you need a Java VM/runtime, Sun has a build available for Linux. You can download an RPM or self-extracting file from here.

doom 11-13-02 10:23 AM

XMMS on redhat 8 has a bug... which won't let you play mp3's, but it will let u play ogg vorbis.
try to search on google for the linux version of realplayer, its really handy.

netviper13 11-13-02 04:36 PM

The lack of MP3 support is not a bug, but rather Red Hat's choice to not pay royalties. The patch to allow XMMS to play MP3s can be had after a quick google search.

doom 11-13-02 06:59 PM

thanks, the patch worked.... but I still think realplayer is worth a download :)
and a question for squireD, why do you want to switch to linux?... if your in it for the stability then stick with it, otherwise... you'll find windows more useful.

r0gu3 11-14-02 03:29 PM

I have one question for you doom... what gives you ANY kind of expertise on the subject of operating systems... with the way you made that comment it comes accross as, "When I try to use linux I find it hard so I give up. Furthermore, since I can't cope with learning a new operating environment, you probably can't either, so you should give up now and save yourself..."...
I should probably appologize for that, but I really can't explain how derogatory your comments are...

I believe the title of this forum is "Linux Operating Systems & Software"... now had the guy posted to the operating systems forum instead of this one then go ahead and let your opinion's fly, but he is asking for some help, not asking whether he should try linux... Lemme explain where I am coming from...

Many people, such as myself, like to play around on computers. Now to me, being able to play around with the operating system AND the environment is worth so much its rediculous, and the fact that it is more stable than the competition is(for me) nothing short of a bonus :)... So for a computer enthusiate, it has MANY other attractive features besides stability...

Many professionals, such as myself, choose this as a development platform for business. Now beyond the price tag, there ARE many wonderful features, For me, the first is the lack of FORCED SOFTWARE upgrades... Also the feature of being able to distribute all the SYSTEM libraries(lgpl) with your commercial software distribution, so that you will almost NEVER have any incompatibilities between versions.. (although the aout to elf sucked, but that involved recompiling and then that was about it, not to mention that was 4-5 years ago... and that wasn't even required...) This OS CONTROL is absolutely awsome... considering that our linux version hasn't been rewritten in about 4 years, where as the windows version has to be rewritten (at least slightly) with every os release from microsoft...

So Please until you investigate why all these people(or at least the majority) use linux, please don't tell people why they shouldn't...

to setup TTF fonts is simple( and pretty :) )...
copy all your windows based fonts from c:\windows\fonts\ (or where ever) into
Then do this...
cd /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/ttf
ttmkfdir -o fonts.dir
this will basically make an index that xfree86 can read...
then edit you XF86Config file (in your etc/X11 directory... although it may be called XF86Config-4) and find the section where it has fontpaths listed... then add the line...
FontPath "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/ttf"
in front of your first fontpath,
then save it and restart your Xserver...

and you are in business... :)

If you have any questions.. just reply...

- r0gu3

r0gu3 11-14-02 03:31 PM

bleh i completely forgot...

You need to add this to the module section
Load "freetype"

That module enables the loading and viewing of ttf's inside of xfree86 4 :)

- r0gu3

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