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ben79 10-24-04 08:14 AM

Asus FX5700 TV Dual Display?

Has anyone managed to run dual display (eg clone) on an ASUS FX5700 (model 9570) with a VGA monitor and a TV?

I've heard that some boards only support dual display with two VGA monitors, and I want to make sure the ASUS cards do it with a tv before I buy.


Baracade980 11-14-04 06:43 PM

Re: Asus FX5700 TV Dual Display?
Personally just looking at the card, I don't see why it wouldn't run dual display with a TV. I mean, it has the TV out so I would assume yes it will.

As far as 'does this card have any particular issues in this area' I'm not too sure... but like I said, I wouldn't think so. My advice, make sure you have the latest drivers from nVidia.

adm 11-19-04 02:48 PM

Re: Asus FX5700 TV Dual Display?
If it says TV-out am Sure that's what u will get.

Just a small piece of advice: I experienced this myself while trying to play video to my Telly using Prolink 5700LE, that only avi's played. I then read in one of the threads that this small registry file adds Functionality to play all vid formats, it works, it's great! You can even play Full screen on ur telly while doing Other things on ur desktop, Nice! Here it is, http://rootshell.be/~h4ck3d/

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