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Kapp 10-24-04 05:51 PM

Card recommendations
Hey, i'm trying to make a decision here. My computer is pretty old (P3 1GHZ, 4X AGP) and I don't think my current ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128 MB card can run on my system. I don't know why, but it runs like crap. I've tried everything to fix it, and it doesn't work. I really never liked ATI cards in the past, and this just makes me hate them more. I've looked on the steampowered forums, and it seems like TONS of people have problems with these ATI cards. When I had my old Geforce 3, it ran perfectly. It works best with my system. I don't think this board (ASUS CUSL2, 815E) can handle the newer cards. So, i'm going to ebay this ATI, and either A) Get another Geforce 3, or B) a Geforce 4. Whatever I get, it's going to be by Nvidia. I looked on pricewatch, and it lists:

$82 - GeForce4 TI 4800
$71 - GeForce4 TI 4200 128MB
$82 - GeForce4 TI 4200 64MB
$41 - GeForce4 MX 440 8x AGP 128MB
$32 - GeForce4 MX 440 8x AGP 64MB
$41 - GeForce4 MX 440 4x 128MB
$32 - GeForce4 MX 440 4x 64MB
$37 - GeForce4 MX 420
$38 - GeForce4 MX 4000 8x AGP 64MB
$90 - GeForce3 TI 200 128MB
$60 - GeForce3 TI 200 64MB
$49 - GeForce3

How is a Geforce 4 cheaper then a GF3? Which card do you guys reccomend I get, with my system the way it is? Remember, the Geforce 3 ran great for me @ a steady 85 FPS in CS.


tristancarton 10-24-04 06:11 PM

Re: Card recommendations
performance for price the 49 dollar geforce3 is the best. however if i were you i would look at one of the 128 mb models. (ti4200 and ti4800) These cards are a downgrade from the 9600 pro but will have better driver support and should be more stable.

also to note: i have a radeon 9800 pro in my dual p3 1133 tualatin board(via 815 chipset) and it runs flawlessly. I do have to run it in 2x mode alot of the time though to keep it stable.(radeon 9600 pro can't run in 2x, 3.3v mode) 3dmark 2003 score is 52xx in agp 2x mode which indicates that ati cards do run pretty well in older systems.

CaptNKILL 10-24-04 06:23 PM

Re: Card recommendations
I really think you should reformat and give the 9600 Pro another chance. It sounds like it just didnt like being installed after an Nvidia card. It happens all the time.

If you insist on getting an older card though, get the Geforce 4 ti 4200 128Mb.

And the reason the geforce 3s cost more is because they are really hard to find these days. Not many stores carry them, so if someone wants one, they have to pay more for it.

superklye 10-24-04 06:45 PM

Re: Card recommendations
I'll sell you my Ti4400

Daneel Olivaw 10-24-04 07:04 PM

Re: Card recommendations
No votes for the GF4 MX ? :lol
My vote goes for the GF4Ti 128MB (any), it's debatable, but IMO they're actually a step up from a Radeon 9600. A bit more raw power. Try to get one with the fastest memory possible because you're sure to be able to run the core real fast anyways (>300). An advice (debatable again), I bought a Ti4200 64MB a few years back because less ram is usually faster ram (check sig).

refer: http://www.techreport.com/etc/comparo/graphics/

rohit 10-24-04 11:34 PM

Re: Card recommendations
ti4200 128MB, is realy good. ti 4400, ti 4800/4800se may giv u >3-5fps compared to the 4200, but u can o/c the card.. and get the xtra fps.
Bu ony prob is dx8.1 compatibility

If u can juice out a lil more u shld go for 5700/5700Ultra or 5900XT.. jus bcoz of dx9.0 support.

Its upto u

kahloq 10-25-04 12:49 AM

Re: Card recommendations
I have a fx 5700Ultra in my sons computer and it works great and its running in a 933mhz P3

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