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sgio2 10-24-04 07:27 PM

Morrowind for a FPS guy?
Ive heard alot of great things about this game , but am unsure since I usually dont play the RPG genre. I really liked KOTOR , Zelda 64 and Final Fantasy 10 but never got into games like Phantasy Star , Chrono Trigger ect. I usually play FPS and some Driving games but thats about it. Any input on this from Morrowind fans? Thanks in advance.

aAv7 10-24-04 08:10 PM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
If you don't like most rpg's-you should probably pass on this game. I love rpg's and I couldnt even get into this game. It's an aquired taste. And on a side note to tick some fans off Chrono Trigger is the most overrated rpg of all time...oddly enough though, the sequel Chrono Chross, is the most underrated rpg ever.

EciDemon 10-24-04 08:36 PM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
I think Morrowind is great, It's the freedom I like.
If you want to make a pillow fortress and shoot arrows at the guards then by all means do so :)

Seriously, there are _tons_ of sidequests and stuff to do, guilds to join and spells to make.

You do have an ultimate goal, but you go there how you please.
There is only one thing wrong with this game I think. It's not random based as Daggerfall was.

And another thing that is great about morrowind, If you want to be a better thief, you steal things and not fight, you want to be a better magican, you use magic.

Its all about building up power and wealth and do what you please.

And not to forget, Morrowind is very mod friendly so you will find lots of cool mods all around.

ynnek 10-24-04 10:17 PM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
Hhe.. I hear it sucks up ALOT of time though.. I remeber my coworkers talking about it..

Cowoker A) Man, my character is starting to get tough now. but I'm still having problems kiling off such and such.. and its a pain to walk over there and such

Coworker B) I just fly over there

A) WTF? Your character can fly?!?!


EciDemon 10-24-04 11:28 PM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
Thats part of the fun in the game, need the ability to fly ?, create a levitate ring! ;)

Mr. Hunt 10-24-04 11:57 PM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
Yeah... it is quite fun... I need to reinstall it heh.

One suggestion though... if you get it... quickly download the "no racers mod" (well.. it is something like that... there are these REALLY annoying birds in the game who attack you for no reason and they can get VERY annoying).

Denroll 10-25-04 12:13 AM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
That game owned me for the longest friggin time. It's great and huge (like my 'nads). Recommended.

Little tip: whenever you're walking anywhere, always be running and constantly jump. I mean, set the jump button to something you can really pound on and not get tired of and jump ALL of the time unless you are fghting. It raises your acrobatic skill by a bunch because you do a ton of walking around.

Mr. Hunt 10-25-04 12:20 AM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
Yeah... I forgot about that... I did that all of the time lol.

msxyz 10-25-04 02:09 AM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
Morrowind was not perfect. Its huge size was also its main weakness. Too little interaction with the thousands of NPCs, stupid AI and, on the long run, it becomes too easy. Nevertheless, exploring Morrowind is a fashinating voyage in a true, persistent 3D world. And don't forget that there are tons of free MODs available for it, vastly improving the gaming experience.

Seraphim 10-25-04 05:10 AM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
So far it seems most are telling you to try it, here is my advice, might be a tad long

I myself am mainly an FPS gamer now, but I started out as a hardcore RPG fanboy, I went from SNES rpgs to computer RPGS, and I played the prequal to Morrowind, Daggerfall for so long I couldn't even begin to count, I LOVED daggerfall even with all its flaws. I was so excited the day Morrowind came out I had been looking forward to it for years.

Well......you will hate Morrowind, trust me on this. Morrowind will bore you within a half hour.

Combat isn't very interesting at all, just swing over and over. The "so much to do" aspect is cool, however you will soon feel like a UPS delivery boy.

The world just feels so empty and artificial. Like I am playing an MMORPG with nobody else playing. Something about playing Morrowind actually makes me feel isolated, like as soon as I am done playing I want to pick up the phone and call someone. I am dead serious, the game is just so empty and soul less.

Daggerfall had some of the same problems, but Daggerfall had a really good atmosphere, kind of dark and brooding, was a lot of fun. Also that was almost a decade ago. I am sure if Morrowind came out in 1995-1996 it would be declared the best game ever. However why would I want to play in a simulated world with virtual people when technology has increased to the point that I can play in a simulated world with real people. The game is just so damn hollow.

I am pretty sure this is what will happen when you play morrowind, you will spend a long time designing your character, wander around the first town, look at the pretty water for a bit, and then set off for the 1st mission in Caldera. Soon after meeting your contact in caldera you will burn out on this game.

I have tried really hard to like Morrowind, and I just can't, with the endless crap you have to read, the empty lonely atmosphere, and boring combat there is no way an FPS gamer will enjoy it.

Just my two cents.

Ninjaman09 10-25-04 07:11 AM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
Heh, that's exactly what happened when I played it. Though I enjoyed it, I could never get into it.

And ultimate17 was right about the Chrono games! I loved Chrono Trigger, but Chrono Cross was AWESOME and hardly anyone even played it.

Nexnecis 10-25-04 06:38 PM

Re: Morrowind for a FPS guy?
Morrowind starts out slow, it kinda creeps up on you like a MMORPG does. The freedom + the exploration...

Well, lets just think of that old Bartle test. Explorer's have a great time with MW. (EAS all the way here)

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