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yimyom 10-25-04 02:17 AM

HP pavilion zv5000 + GeForce4 440 = no 1920x1200 !

I've got a strange problem. I have a new laptop HP zv5000, AMD64 3700+, 1Gb Ram and GeForce 440 64Mb. I installed Fedora Core 3 test 3.

I installed the last Nvidia driver. Note that I use Fedora 32 bits with NVidia driver 32 bits ('cause of the wifi driver which is only 32bits).

I have a large 1920x1200 screen but it is impossible to obtain this resolution. I can have 1600x1200. And I can have 1920x1440 which causes a terrific mess on my screen.

Here are the symptoms (sorry for not attaching the X.log, I still can't access my ntfs partition).

The X.log says that the hsync and vsync don't match with the DDC values for my monitor. I tried different value, even extreme value, but I always have the same problem. I removed the Hsync and Vsync lines in the monitor definition so that to force X and its DDC driver to look for the good values. Same results : no modes match the hsync and vsync except 1920x1440 (which is higher than my monitor's resolution). DDC says hsync is (according to the monitor) hsync=69.48-123.26 and vsync=56.26-60

So what is the problem ? Why X wants to switch to 1920x1440 and says that 1920x1200 is out of vsync range ? It says also that a lot of smaller resolution are out of either hsync or vsync !
The only resolution I need is 1920x1200 as it is the natural resolution of my laptop screen.

Thanks for your help.

yimyom 10-26-04 06:21 PM

Re: HP pavilion zv5000 + GeForce4 440 = no 1920x1200 !
I reply for myself as nobody seems to be interested in problem.

The solution is :

Section "Modes"
Identifier "16:10"
Modeline "1920x1200" 197.27 1920 2064 2272 2624 1200 1201 1204 1253

Section "Monitor"
Identifier "Monitor0"
VendorName "Monitor Vendor"
ModelName "LCD Panel 1920x1200"
UseModes "16:10"
Option "dpms"

That's all folks !

Some remarks : this modeline is able to refresh at 60Hz. The modeline given by the xserver refreshes at 56Hz and the picture is really crappy.

If you're brave you can even try that modeline :
210.68 1920 1952 2752 2784 1200 1224 1236 1261

I didn't cat tested it and be warned that you can burn your flat panel with that.

Some keywords for google :

x-window modeline hp pavilion zv5000 fedora core 3 test 3 nvidia geforce go 440 amd64

And don't forget to use the nvidia driver and not the nv driver. I know it's not open source but it just works. Remove dri from your xorg.conf file but keep glx

Novaman5000 11-19-04 12:00 PM

Re: HP pavilion zv5000 + GeForce4 440 = no 1920x1200 !
I know this doesn't answer your question but you seem like you'd know- I have a GeForce4 440 go and I can't seem to find the most recent drivers. Do you know where I can find them? And also what version number they are?

yimyom 11-19-04 05:30 PM

Re: HP pavilion zv5000 + GeForce4 440 = no 1920x1200 !
The drivers can be found on www.nvidia.com
But it seems there's a big Bug with the latest revision (6629) and the 6111 doesn't compile with Fedora Core 3 until you change something in the source code.

add the line
#define __VMALLOC_RESERVE (128 << 20)

right after the line containing MODULE_ALIAS
at the beginning of the file nv.c

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