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Daneel Olivaw 10-25-04 10:03 PM

Legacy HDR
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A small demo, maybe others have posted this. I was just wondering what kind of HDR could be implemented on directx 8.1 type hardware. Neat demo. Kinda confirms, IMO, that pushing DX9 wasn't all that. Seeing this, the only reason to stop DX8.1 hardware from running a lite version of HDR is marketing.


__________________________________________________ ____________________

DX8 Multi-Sample High-Dynamic Range Image-Based Lighting

Masa (Masaki Kawase)
E-Mail: masa@daionet.gr.jp
URL : http://www.daionet.gr.jp/~masa

__________________________________________________ ____________________
HDR (High-Dynamic Range : )
  - HDR (High-Dynamic Range) Rendering
  - IBL (Image-Based Lighting)
  - Glare (Bloom/Ghost/Star) Generation
  - Fresnel Effect (Specular Reflectance)
  - FSAA (Full-Scene Anti-Alias)
  - Motion Blur
  - Afterimage

-=DVS=- 10-25-04 11:04 PM

Re: Legacy HDR
True alot of marketing scams all this real HDR with 32FP is for movie makeing , for games its overkill waist of resources , this rthdribl HDR* demo was running perfectly fine fast even on Radeon 9700Pro a bit slow on FX series, ATI also have similar with balls on their site , HalfLife 2 will have fast HDR effects from what i have read on net , FarCry HDR implementation was not impressive and at FPS cut. (FarCry used with 32bit FPU blend right ? whatever its called i forgot)

Daneel Olivaw 10-26-04 10:37 AM

Re: Legacy HDR
I'll still be buying a new vid card in a few months anyway. :)

Those of you who want to see the MAsa demo for DX9:

harl 10-26-04 11:32 AM

Re: Legacy HDR
I belive NV40 can do HDR in FP 16
what about Radeons 9800 and X800?

I read in some forum that HL2 uses HDR but in 16 bit integer or
somthing for the 9800
so can the 9800's do HDR in FP or don't?
:retard: I'm confused :retard:

msxyz 10-26-04 11:36 AM

Re: Legacy HDR
Talking about overrated SFX... what about bloom? Morrowind had it for the sun and yet it was a plain DirectX 8 game (shaders were only used for reflective water).

dpagan 10-26-04 03:24 PM

Re: Legacy HDR
it's all marketing thats why i'm keeping an eye out on the next gen console (PS3 XBOX2, NINTENDO?) can't help it, i mean 5 years without having to upgrade, it's starting to sound damn good

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