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epa 11-12-02 11:54 PM

nForce2 functionality
I'm wondering which properties of nForce2 chipset are supported in linux?

(mostly A7N8X, but I think it's pretty much the same with all)

- firewire?
- dual lan?
- audio ? (is this fully supported? spdif output etc)

Couldn't find proper info about this and it seems like good solution to go with, but if there is no proper linux support it's a nogo.

(tried to search the forum, but no avail :/)

moreponies 12-21-02 09:41 AM

Not as helpful as you might wish

I am trolling this forum because i did a load of Suse 8.1 on my Asus A7N8X system and am trying like he11 to make it work, i am VERy new in linux so am struggling and cannot give exact instructions on how ot go about it just yet but i CAN say this. You can get at least the Nvidia Ethernet and Audio Processing Unit working under Suse 8.1 not sure absolutely sure about the Firewire but i have seen it loading that module when booting so i would tentatively say that also is supported.

Having said that, you have to work to get answers to your problems so it can be frustrating but i believe there is no reason that with some patience you can't have everything working under Linux.


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