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Sgt.Rock 07-27-02 09:38 PM

Great to see the forums back!
Mike Im so glad to see the forums back up.

I know the attacks have been discouraging and I would like to thank you for keeping at it. I cant image not being able surfing Nvnews the way I do several times a day and I am greatfull.

"Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.''
--Winston Churchill--

ExitWound 07-27-02 10:20 PM

Very slow though, compared to the last BBS. Takes a good 2 seconds for each link to www.nvnews.net to connect and respond.

Also, had a few issues trying to sign up. Ended up having my registration Account number emailed to me 4 FOUR times before it would accept and activate my account.

Glad to be back. Hopefully these troubles aren't going to last.

Kruno 07-27-02 10:41 PM

Funny. This updated forum runs faster than the one before. You on 56k EW?

SnakeEyes 07-27-02 11:22 PM

That does sound strange. It seems at least as quick, if not quicker, than it was prior to the nuking.

StealthHawk 07-28-02 01:16 AM

it does seem a bit slower to me. didn't have any problems registering though :)

druga runda 07-28-02 01:17 AM

This forum flies at the moment.

The fastest I ever used ;)

koslov 07-28-02 02:01 AM

Yes, I have noticed slow load times too. Not intolerably slow, but an annoyance. And my registration emal sure took it's sweet time getting here! About 5 minutes.

Lars 07-28-02 02:53 AM

Glad to see the forum back up again. I for one really appreciate the effort you guys put into this site :)

R1CH 07-28-02 03:07 AM

The reason it might seem slower - php accelerator doesn't seem to be installed yet unlike the previous forums, however their server now claims not to even be running PHP, at least not mod_php (don't tell me you're using the CGI :)) so maybe they hid it in an attempt at security by obscurity.

vampireuk 07-28-02 05:11 AM

I too am rather glad the forums back up :) nice work mike:cool:

Philibob 07-28-02 05:21 AM

Nice work Mike :) must have taken a lot of hard work to get the forums up again this quickly.

Kruno 07-28-02 07:21 AM

My life are these forums so if they aren't around then I become a golem ;) :D

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