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McStar 11-07-04 12:29 PM

Installing new fan - GeForce 3 ti500
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My fan has packed up on my geforce 3 ti500 card, I searched the internet and found I could get a new fan for it. So I bought a Iceberq4 CCB-A4C (nice blue LED one), unfortunately it appears the thing doesn't fit.

A few questions:
1. Am I right this fan is no good for my card. i.e. Is there anyway to secure fan to board without using the mounting screws?

If yes:
2. Would the thermaltake Blue orb fan fit better? As it looks smaller to me.
3. Where can I buy it in the UK?
4. Are there any other fans I could consider?

If No:
2. How the hell do I fit it?

Thanks in advance


Kev1 11-08-04 12:05 AM

Re: Installing new fan - GeForce 3 ti500
I believe the one you bought or have is the model for ATI cards. For Nvidia cards you want the CCB-A4P, Iceberg 4 Pro.

If you can't send it back, probably the only way to get it to work would be using thermal tape to hold it on the GPU.

McStar 11-08-04 05:42 AM

Re: Installing new fan - GeForce 3 ti500

I'm sure this is the right model out of the two fans, the box even lists geforce 3 ti cards as recommended for this fan. The pro fan is even bigger than this one I believe, so i'm sure I have the more suitable one of the two Iceberq produce. Bit worried about just using themal tape - these fans aren't that light is tape strong enough to hold a fan safely???


tyx 11-08-04 06:09 AM

Re: Installing new fan - GeForce 3 ti500
Yeah, it is the right model.
The pro version is for the geforce4 ti and fx 5600 only.

I think your card's PCB is not the reference design as supplied by nVidia.

Just for fun, I'm guessing your card brand is Albratron or chaintech :)

McStar 11-08-04 06:23 PM

Re: Installing new fan - GeForce 3 ti500
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My card is Special :) (do you mean it's a cheap version?)

How do I check the manufacturer - can't see it on the card. There is a logo on it if that helps. Sorry pic quality is poor, only have v cheap camera!


McStar 11-08-04 06:30 PM

Re: Installing new fan - GeForce 3 ti500
Done some searching I think its by a company called visiontek, if that helps.


ragejg 11-08-04 06:45 PM

Re: Installing new fan - GeForce 3 ti500
Guys, all you need is any good northbridge cooler for that, and mix some 2 part epoxy 50/50 with AS5... and apply... :)

ragejg 11-08-04 06:52 PM

Re: Installing new fan - GeForce 3 ti500
or go crazy like this... :p:p


I'm glad my tornado days are behind me, but this card was fun... volt mod and all :p:p

McStar 11-08-04 09:30 PM

Re: Installing new fan - GeForce 3 ti500
ragejg - Same card as mine!

You seem to know what youre talking about. Can you be more specific with a model name of northbridge cooler and bear in mind I want an easy one to install.

What would be really helpful is a link, where i can get one online in the UK. Is the blue orb no good by the way - to me it looks great :) - speaking as someone who knows nothing about cooling!

WeReWoLf 11-08-04 09:40 PM

Re: Installing new fan - GeForce 3 ti500
i did a mod to my GeForce 2 that's very similar to that! Replaced the heatsink on it with an old Socket 370 HSF, modded the fan powerlead, and stock it on with a 50/50 of epoxy and thermal paste... after that i got that mofo of a card to o'c to Ti500 speeds.

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