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Stevester 11-08-04 11:36 AM

GeForce 5900 XT Problem

I've recently purchased a PNY Technologies GeForce 5900 XT (64MB) graphics card (AGP2/Pro) and everything works mine with a single 512MB ram chip (Twin Mos 512MB PC3200 400 MHz).

The problem occurs when i try to install a second 512MB ram chip (also Twin Mos 512MB Pc3200 - the next serial No. in the batch) and find that the graphics start corrupting on games (Star Wars Battlefront, Vice City, etc).

I'd be very grateful for any help in solving this problem.

My system is a Athlon XP2800 on a Asus A7n8X deluxe mobo.

Many thanks.

saturnotaku 11-08-04 12:01 PM

Re: GeForce 5900 XT Problem
Wrong forum.


Stevester 11-09-04 07:09 AM

Re: GeForce 5900 XT Problem

Thanks for the reply and re-direction.

Have swapped out my graphics card - same problem. I think I've tied the roblem down to the RAM (wrong forum again?). From reading the other forum posts it looks like the Twin Mos RAM I've installed doesn't like my A7N8X Mobo or vice versa.

Spoke to the shop i bought the ram from and they reckon it won't work in dual mode unless i purchase specific 1040 dual mode packs (2 x 512MB). The shop suggested i try it single line (slots 1 and 2 rather than 1 and 3 or 2 and 3). Will give it a go.


Daneel Olivaw 11-09-04 08:00 AM

Re: GeForce 5900 XT Problem
a 5900xt with 64mB? On agp pro? That's very weird!

Looks like your ram is the problem.

Stevester 11-09-04 12:45 PM

Re: GeForce 5900 XT Problem
Its 128MB AGP - should have written in original post.

kraigc 11-09-04 04:37 PM

Re: GeForce 5900 XT Problem
sounds like a RAM problem

THE VIKING 11-12-04 07:32 PM

Re: GeForce 5900 XT Problem
Definitely a RAM problem.

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