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aipimrs 11-08-04 11:57 AM

FreeBSD NForce Drivers
Why the nfroce drivers are not developed to FreeBSD?

I have a nforce motherboard and I have problems installing FreeBSD on this because the drivers for the net are not available.

Please, make drivers for this OS!!!!

blueworm 11-08-04 12:22 PM

Re: FreeBSD NForce Drivers
Please use the search engine of this forum. This topic has been awnsered before.
Also remember google is your friend.
You will find that nvnet has freebsd drivers available for nforce2 and IIRC also for nforce3.

aipimrs 11-08-04 01:14 PM

Re: FreeBSD NForce Drivers
The Driver provided by this site(www.onthenet.com.au) is not the official driver and this driver doesn't work with the 5.3 release.

Thanks for your atention.

vaston 11-08-04 03:07 PM

Re: FreeBSD NForce Drivers
i am planning to check out FreeBSD, and i just wonder if ide support on FreeBSD for nforce2 chipset is any good ? i mean i have some performance issues with nforce under linux and would gladly move to BSD if there were no problems with its support for nforce.

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