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zebraC 11-10-04 05:53 AM

Specifics on Xpertvision FX5900XT and BIOS flashing?
Hi all,

Am new to nVidia cards. Had an MX440 years ago, but since then, it was a long line of Radeon hardware. Had enough of ATi for the time being. ;).

So today I purchased a new Xpertvision Geforce FX5900XT 128MB card.

A few questions.

i. From forum searches, I have read that significant overclocks might be possible with the FX5900XT cards, by using the 5950 BIOS's etc. I'd like to know, specifically - what BIOS should I use for THIS card?

ii. Using Rivatuner or the overclocking panel on the latest forceware (similar to coolbits I guess?), I don't seem to be able to set my frequencies past:

Core == 470MHz
Memory == 783Mhz

It just tell's me the hardware would not work @ these frequencies. Is there a way to push harder?

The cooling on the card is a VERY heavy metal sink, covering the GPU and ALL the RAM modules. Ontop of this, it has a nice fan mounted on the sink itself.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Kev1 11-10-04 11:35 AM

Re: Specifics on Xpertvision FX5900XT and BIOS flashing?
Read this thread at Guru3D.com:


And this thread here at NVNews:


It has lots of info on the flash. Make sure you do much research. With 5900XT, you may be able to get core to 500 mhz core with flash (or faster), but if your memory is slower than 2.2ns (most 5900XT's are) you will not be able to get much more than 800 mhz on it. This is why they made modded bio'es for the 5900XT series, so core would be faster than a 5950, but memory would stay within spec.

Again, do your research. I modded the bios I flashed my 5900NU to for faster memory timings, and its been working great for months. Good luck, post back how things go :)

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