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oldsk00l 11-11-04 10:11 PM

ATI=pwn3d by nVidia
Now, look at this chat w/ATI here http://www.rage3d.com/index.php?node...TIChats%2F&p=4

Now look at the nVidia interview here

OWNAGE, I really really feel sorry for users stuck with ATI cards atm. You guys really got burned hard.

Lithorus 11-12-04 04:02 AM

Re: ATI=pwn3d by nVidia
Was waiting for this interview, although the site seems to be down :( Anyone have the interview mirrored?

rinthos 11-12-04 11:03 AM

Re: ATI=pwn3d by nVidia
url works here...

On another note, I will give ati props for being honest in their answers.
the "we will look into it" type attitude was kept to a minimum, which I at least appreciate.

However, as an ati user, this chat showed that ati's plans for *nix definately aren't ambitious. They don't have plans for all-in-wonders, they don't have plans for freeBsd, they don't even have a rough time estimate for 2 x-sessions, they don't have working acpi support, nor have they any time-frame planned, they -still- don't support x.org, they still offer no email/contact for linux problems/questions, and their reasoning for buying an ati card for linux support is because their Windows support is quite good?

Definately not happpy with the general 'message', but i am happy at ati's honest apporach in this chat.

Really wish we could replace the ati chips in our notebooks at work *sigh*.

smthmlk 11-12-04 06:33 PM

Re: ATI=pwn3d by nVidia
i would say ATI just doesn't care about linux.. if they did, they wouldn't slap their linux customers in the face with fglrx.

oldsk00l 11-13-04 12:53 AM

Re: ATI=pwn3d by nVidia
Well also look at their comment on the composite extension, never going to support it basically.

nVidia had support for composite ages ago. Also look at nVidia's and ATI's remarks about "marketshare". nVidia ignores "marketshare" and refers to what they are selling. Their estimate is %25 of their workstation market.

This tells me that, ATI has NO Linux market, and nVidia is seeing substantial revenue from it. There can be only one reason for this, and it's that ATI is choosing to ignore it. I guess this will just continue to nVidia's benefit, if I were working for nVidia right now I'd be laughing my ass off over this.

emailthatguy 12-02-04 06:36 PM

Re: ATI=pwn3d by nVidia
WTT zalman cooled 9800xt

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