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beezly 08-04-02 07:05 PM

[CRASH] GeForce2MX with TwinView
I'm using the 2960 drivers with XFree86 4.1.0 on Debian 3.0 with a 2.4.19 kernel and I'm suffering from an unpleasant crash when I leave X - it doesn't matter whether I log out of X or if I just switch VT's with Ctrl-Alt-F1.

If I hit Ctrl-Alt-F1 when in X, the second CRT will go into power save, the first CRT stays on, but displays nothing.

If I then try to hit Alt-F7 to go back to the X VT, I get nothing.

Both before and after Alt-F7 it does not respond over the network either... so it must die upon switching the from X in the first place.

Does anyone have any clues?

Fortunately, my machine is stable enough for me to run X for weeks at a time without logging out... I just have to remember not to use Text VT's!



bammbamm808 08-05-02 01:30 AM

I think I know what this is...
This may be the known bug with twinview. Try typing 'startx', 'halt', or some other command. You won't be able to see thing, but it will prolly work. I don't belive you are frozen, just no console display after an X session. I've had the same thing with twinview since I got it working.

Thunderbird 08-05-02 03:34 AM

Make sure you aren't using "rivafb" which is a framebuffer for nvidia cards but it is very unstable and causes a lot of problems (including drawing problems and VT problems).

bammbamm808 08-05-02 04:31 AM

No, I have no FB support in my kernel at all
I've seen other references to this bug with twinview. Though not extremely common, it has happened to other people. I emailed nvidia about it, and am awaiting the next (even slower?) drivers.

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