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Mathematix 11-12-04 10:40 PM

GeforceFX magenta flicking corrupt graphics
Hi all

I have an odd problem with my system. I cannot install drivers later than the Detonator 53.03 drivers, or else the Direct3D tests lock up the entire system with the 'DirectX Dianostic Test' window showing up with a black clint area. This forces me to cold reboot.

On some games like FIFA 2004 and Freedom Fighters, for example, whilst a game is at the load screen each time the progress bar progresses the screen turns bright magenta intermittantly. Otherwise gameplay is fine. Toca Race Driver's graphics are unplayable as nothing appears apart from large, blocky magenta regions with smaller checkerboard like patterns of random colours - primarily magenta, black, white and green.

Other games like Doom III are perfectly fine.

I've checked for things like IRQ conflicts with the card and resolved those, but the problem persists. (bur)

I'm lost as to what it could be. I don't think that it's a memory problem, simply because there is no problem with Doom III and a few other games.

Thanks for your help! :D

rewt 11-12-04 10:57 PM

Re: GeforceFX magenta flicking corrupt graphics
Hi and welcome to the club :)

You should really provide us with some more info about your system so we can provide more help. Most of us put specs in our signature ;)

I think the most important details are what Operating System and Video Card you use (I see FX, but which model?). And DirectX version would help too.

Mathematix 11-13-04 11:20 AM

Re: GeforceFX magenta flicking corrupt graphics
Hi rewt and thanks for the welcome. :)

I agree, it would have helped if I'd provided some specs (*doh*), so here goes:

MSI 128MB GeforceFX 5900XT
AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.33GHz CPU
Kingston 2x256MB PC133 SDRAM
Creative SoundBlaster Live! 5.1
Asus A7V-VM Mobo
Windows XP Pro SP1a

Thanks for that.

Mathematix 11-21-04 09:41 AM

Re: GeforceFX magenta flicking corrupt graphics
Found out recently that somehow my card was being overclocked. All fixed now! :D

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