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aleix 11-15-02 09:15 AM

nVidia drivers: FreeBSD native threads

first of all i'd like to thank all people who has contibuted in any way to FreeBSD nVidia drivers. thanks! FreeBSd users want to take maximum gfx card advantage too. ;)

well, i write this post because, yesterday i coded an small application (rotating cube) with a thread (which plays a sound file). this works fine under linux. but it fails under FreeBSD. and i guess it is because of the thread stuff.

is there anyway to code a native FreeBSD application with threads and nVidia drivers?

i also tried a similar application with FreeBSD linux compatibility but with no luck. anyone has try it? if so, could you please post an small example?

will next versions of the FreeBSD nVidia drivers support threads?



Journy 02-24-03 05:49 AM

Same Probs here

I got the same problems here. I am working on a simple SDL Application under FreeBSD. As soon I start a thead (that is doing nothing but waiting so far), rendering or other GL(X) functions fail with segmentation fault.

Same application works fine under Linux and Windows so I assume that this is a NVidia FreeBSD Driver problem, too.

Grüssle aus BW,


Journy 02-24-03 07:08 AM

As the README suggests, using linuxthreads (-llthreads) instead of Posix Threads works.

I just compiled SDL with it and now no more crashes.

aleix 02-24-03 09:05 AM

great! thank you for the reply!



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