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saturnotaku 11-15-02 01:06 PM

What was the site...
that allowed you to buy a whole bunch of Linux distributions for cheap. Mandrake 9 was like $6.95+s/h and they had a whole bunch of other distros available as well.

I was thinking of purchasing Mandrake 9 but don't want to pay an exorbitant amount. Downloading the .iso files is not an option as I'm stuck on dialup.

Unless someone wants to burn the discs for me and I pay you to ship them. :D

kappax 11-15-02 09:43 PM

I will burn them :) You live in the US ? if so it should not cost that much.

saturnotaku 11-15-02 11:19 PM

Thanks, but
I already found the site and placed my order. $10 total, not too bad for an entire operating system. If only a certain Redmond, Wash.-based company could take a hint. ;)

Chalnoth 11-16-02 12:54 AM

True...would be nice if they'd offer a stripped version of their OS, without the 30-days free service or manual (At the same time, it might be good to offer the service anyway, in hopes of getting users addicted...).

But, if you're like me and have DSL, or another high-speed connection, it's no problem to download and burn the CD images. Besides, there's no way I'm going to continually purchase Redhat each time it's updated.

saturnotaku 11-16-02 10:34 AM

True, but I'm not going to do anything really intense with Linux. It's going to be something to play with on my laptop. I might put Quake 3 on there for a larf, but it's going to be something to use while I'm at work. Word processing, web surfing, etc.

Mandarb1 11-16-02 10:54 AM

What was the website saturn?

saturnotaku 11-16-02 07:15 PM

Here was where I bought mine. They don't have all the distros available, but they have the standard RedHat, Mandrake and Debian available. They have FreeBSD as well.

Mandarb1 11-16-02 11:22 PM


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