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ThugZee 11-15-04 09:02 AM

Is my geforce completely dead?
I purchased a Geforce about a month ago "Geforce Fx 5500 By Chaintec" However everything was working fine tilll one day i shut down my pc because i went to college. come back home few hours later to switch on my pc and my monitor displays no signal connected with multicolored lines flashing up and down my screen... I have tryed to reconnect it to my agp slot & make sure my monitor is plugged in firmly.. i have not installed any new hardware since nor have i changed any bios settings or got any new drivers... my old geforce mx 400 works perfectly this is what i am using now :(... But because m card has been working for months i dont have the box or receipt i have tried the support on chaintec no reply still.. i was wondering dont you get a life time warranty on cards? if so would i be able to send it back still without package etc cheers

msxyz 11-15-04 09:07 AM

Re: Is my geforce completely dead?
Most of the dealers require you to keep the box and the receipt.

ThugZee 11-15-04 09:43 AM

Re: Is my geforce completely dead?
So i take it as dead LOL

msxyz 11-15-04 10:48 AM

Re: Is my geforce completely dead?
It's the perfect time to invest some money in a new card :)

The AGP 6600GT is due to arrive very soon.

Daneel Olivaw 11-15-04 11:22 AM

Re: Is my geforce completely dead?
Nah, the 6800LE on newegg is a better idea :)

rohit 11-17-04 02:30 AM

Re: Is my geforce completely dead?
u culd still try RMA'ing, or try repairing!
Speak to ur dealer.

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