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rewt 11-16-04 02:05 PM

NVTweak v1.7.1
NVTweak unlocks many extra options in the NVIDIA control panel/driver, including but not limited to - Overclocking, AGP & Hardware settings, Fan control, Temperature settings, Debugging, Twin View, Video Mixing Renderer, OpenGL 2.0 support, 3D viewer types (for 3D Stereo drivers), and more! Below is a quick sneak peek of some of the features NVTweak provides;


Download v1.7.1:

Enjoy :)

rewt 11-16-04 02:40 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.2.1
Sorry everyone, I made a couple small boo-boos in 1.2. Updated to 1.2.1. Let me know what you guys/gals think :)

Killall 11-16-04 05:59 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.2.1
Those stereo 3d options.. do i need to have the stereo3d driver installed for that?

rewt 11-16-04 06:05 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.2.1
Good Q. Yes u do :) I think the latest 3d stereo driver is 61.77 but hopefully a new one will be out soon.

FredLovesAMD 11-16-04 06:15 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.2.1
Hi how do you use this file and were do i plce this file???

rewt 11-16-04 06:42 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.2.1
Hi Fred. Just download and open up the zip file. There will be an executable inside. Double-click on it.

iyos 11-16-04 07:04 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.2.1
Nice, thanks :)

FredLovesAMD 11-17-04 01:46 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.2.1
I got the tweak too work and thanks a lot i love the tweak make my games run better.

rewt 11-17-04 04:44 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.2.1
Great, thats what I like to hear! :D

I'm always testing new and old sets of drivers to make sure the program is compatible. So whenever new driver builds are released I will update NVTweak according to any new features the drivers may have. If the drivers don't include any newer features then chances are I will leave it alone for awhile ;)

NoWayDude 11-17-04 04:45 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.2.1

Originally Posted by FredLovesAMD
I got the tweak too work and thanks a lot i love the tweak make my games run better.

How did u do it?
Rewt, what are u soposed to do?Just run the exec?

rewt 11-17-04 04:50 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.2.1
Just open it up and tweak to your desire. :)

I realize everyone will have different preferences to what options they will use in the control panel. So instead of working on a .reg file (most people don't know how to edit that), I just make an executable that people can use to set up their own configuration quite easily.

rewt 11-17-04 06:37 PM

Re: NVTweak 1.3 (updated)
*updated to 1.3

Added option to restore default settings.

Could a moderator please change the version in the thread title so that others can see it was updated? thanks :)

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