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RealLifePixelShader 11-18-04 02:10 AM

I got a leadtek 5900XT the tv out works fine on the bios screen and windows logo screen then when the driver loads and windows is logged in the tv out on the TV runs to gray scale

I've tried new drivers still the same

please help

rewt 11-18-04 02:25 AM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
are you using the cable that came with your card or did it not come with one?

RealLifePixelShader 11-18-04 03:26 AM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
Yes I did use the cable that came with it it works fine in color until the driver load thet is turns to gray scale

Daneel Olivaw 11-18-04 09:51 AM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
This happened to me, the plug S-video plug in my TV had been weakly 'soldered?' (soudé), I had to get a samsung tech to re-solder it. When I pushed the cable very hard (at the connection with the tv) to one side the colors would come back.

However I just read that you say there's color before the driver loads, in that case I don't know.

RealLifePixelShader 11-18-04 02:33 PM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
I realy dont know to me it looks like the color is only there in 8bit 640x480

Then I tried to change the res to the above in windows still no luck so now it looks to me the greyscale appears as soon as the driver loads

So guys if anybody knows please help

msxyz 11-18-04 04:31 PM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
It looks like the driver that sets PAL instead of NTSC or vice-versa. If you don't have a multistandard TV, you're going to see a B&W image (sometimes it's even distorted because the two standards have different refresh rates).

Drumphil 11-19-04 02:24 AM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
heh, yeah, what he said.

adm 11-19-04 03:07 PM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
What cable are u using? AV or S-Video? Do you have DVD player connected to telly, if u do, does it work fine? Try swapping from which ever u are using to the other (AV = S-Video, Vice Versa)

If you can check ur TV manual to see whether it supports PAL/NTSC, then in the Nview display mode. select the TV and then device settings, You can choose the colour format to that which matches ur Telly. YOu can also under the device settings change the resolution of the Telly not your Monitor.

Also Give omega drivers a shot, they are working fine for my Dual display, you can get them at omegadrivers.net. latest is 61.77.

RealLifePixelShader 11-25-04 05:50 AM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
No luck same res tried different cable and driver 61.77 still grays scale

r2d2d3d4d5 11-25-04 07:59 AM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
So did you check to see if the TV-out mode is the right one for your TV?

tiangha 11-25-04 01:19 PM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
Go into the NVIDIA control panel, the TV settings, Device Adjustments and try increasing the Saturation slider a bit (or a lot) and see if that helps. Fixed my problem.

adm 12-05-04 02:40 PM

Re: TV OUT turns to GRAY SCALE
You could possibly test it out on a different TV set to see whether it does the same. If it's the Card then it Could probably be some sort of setting? or the Card is just fussy bout doin it....L(",)L

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