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john19055 07-28-02 06:57 AM

On The 333 Boards Does Anyone Run At 166fsb
I was just wondering how many people with say the A7V333 run there processor at 166/166 instead of 133/166 and do you get a big increase running it that way.I was thinking of unlocking my XP1900 and running it at 10*166 so it would be running the same as my memory.and would it run hotter that way.

demonized 07-28-02 09:14 AM

I wanted to do the same thing with my MSI KT7 ultra.
i have a 1.2 athlon thunderbird and tried 7.5x166 but it didnt work. my system crashed. im not sure though if it would work on an athlon xp.. I've seen people having their fsb at 166 and more at madonion.com. but i dont know how they do it.

SavagePaladin 07-28-02 12:01 PM

I'd guess its rather simple....water cooling :p

fasedww 07-28-02 12:25 PM

166mhz bus
Some people can but the new chip on most 333 capable boards ain't the better one so most are unstable at that high of buss;)

SsP45 07-28-02 08:07 PM

On my KT3 ULTRA (KT333) I run at 167/167. I run this 24/7 rock stable.

demonized 07-28-02 09:16 PM

r u using athlon xp?

NeoGeo 07-29-02 04:26 AM

well using a 333 chipset such as the KT333 does allow you to run at 166/166 with no problems, as the chipset was designed in this way. So providing you have 333 memory, the only problem lies in the processor.

If i was to upgrade my memory to PC2700 I would definitely try for the 166 outta my XP1800, and im sure with good cooling it would be acheiveable. I mean my old Duron could be pushed upto 145 fsb and thats with a KT133 :)

demonized 07-29-02 05:03 AM

If i go for a 7.5x166 multiplier setting for my 1.2 athlon will this increase my pci,hd,agp bus frequency?

NeoGeo 07-29-02 08:28 AM

it will increase your PCI frequency which may cause some devices to react poorly to the overclock, however, the newer 333 boards have a split, in order to choose how much bandwidth goes to each part of the system.

166 on a 133 based board is gonna be rather tricky. Your chipset and CPU are not designed for this speed! I would aim more like 140 - 150 FSB on that board, and thats with good ram to keep up!

john19055 07-29-02 10:33 AM

I have The Asus A7V333 witch when you set it at 166 the PCI and AGP run at there normal speed 33pci 66 agp,and I have 333DDR ram I just need to unlock my processor,I was just wondering how many people here with a KT333 chipset have done this and is it stable.

demonized 07-29-02 04:13 PM

How did you make it ur PCI and AGP run at normal bus speeds.
Is this possible with my MSI K7T ultra..

john19055 07-30-02 03:11 AM

On the A7V333 Asus board when setting the bios for overclocking when you hit 166fsb the pci goes back to 33 and agp goes to 66 this is part of the new KT333 chipsets witch allows you to run it that way.

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