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kev13dd 11-18-04 09:41 PM

GF 4 vs FX 5200
My friend has had a GF 4 MX 440 for a while now

He's been offered a 5200 for 15 bucks

How big of a performance boost should he expect? He doesn't wanna buy it if his performance isn't ganna go up at least 2x, which I really don't think he'll get. He's saving up for a 6600 AGP when they come out, so he's lenient to spend money


saturnotaku 11-18-04 10:19 PM

Re: GF 4 vs FX 5200
It's probably a 64-bit 5200, which actually would be a performance drop from the 4 MX which is 128-bit IIRC. Tell him to hold off for the 6600.

msxyz 11-19-04 01:19 AM

Re: GF 4 vs FX 5200
If it's a second hand 5200 with a 128bit bus, then it's a card able to reach 7000-7500pts in 3DMark2001. With AA applied it's quite faster than GeForce4 cards, plus it's a decent performer with PS 1.1.

Forget about the DX9 stuff, though. It does not have the computational power to run "Dx9 titles" at a decent framerate.

If it's a 64 bit 5200, then it's as Saturnotaku says

kev13dd 11-19-04 01:20 AM

Re: GF 4 vs FX 5200
And if the 5200 was 128 bit? Would it be worth it then? For just 15 bucks? Quickie upgrade? Although now that the 6600 AGP is out I doubt he'll have it for long...


msxyz 11-19-04 03:48 AM

Re: GF 4 vs FX 5200
Well, for 15$ I'd say yes, for the additional PS 1.1 support.

But expect no bumps in speed.

saturnotaku 11-19-04 06:01 AM

Re: GF 4 vs FX 5200
Is there any way he can test the card before handing over any money?

XanderF 11-21-04 03:26 AM

Re: GF 4 vs FX 5200
Even if it WAS the 64-bit version, it's going to be faster than an MX440. Not MUCH, mind you, but it will be faster.

Also, keep in mind the MX440 has NO shader support and NO multi-sample antialiasing - it's just a very, very overclocked GeForce2. The FX5200 will have up to shader 2.0 support (and, believe it or not, there ARE some games it can use it in - Tribes: Vengeance, and Pacific Fighters are two I have firsthand experience with on a FX 5200), and will have the notably faster (and better looking) multi-sample antialiasing.

msxyz 11-21-04 04:26 AM

Re: GF 4 vs FX 5200
Without AA enabled it will be slower in all situations and probalby, even with AA, a 64 bit 5200 would be beaten by a 128 bit MX440.

The NV17 has a core similar to the old GeForce2MX but it also has crossbar memory controller and the LMA-2 bandwidth saving technology of GeForce 3,4.

And don't foget that GeForceFX5200 have the same LMA-2 technology of the GeForce4MX, since Intellisample is reserved for higher models.

rohit 11-21-04 04:56 AM

Re: GF 4 vs FX 5200
Ok, take this, 5200 64-bit will b a MX440-8x 128mb with PIxel Shaders and Vertex Shaders + a DX9.0a Compatible.
The framerates will vary +or- 5-10 fps here or ther.
Not bad deal for 15 bux i guess :)

6600AGP Will b a value for money card!

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