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Kamel 11-19-04 11:15 AM

suggestion(s) for main page
don't know how many people subscribe to the rss feed, but as a subscriber myself i know that it's annoying that you can't check messages from past the length of those stored on the main page.

the problem is, it uses a topic on the main page to send you to the message. what i was wondering is if you could make it into individual news articles, almost like the button that will allow you to view a single post on the forum. this way, you dont need to sift through the navbar on the left side and other news articles, but you will have a webpage dedicated to that article.

i don't know how hard that would be, but i know i personally would very much so appreciate it.

my next suggestion is very simple... not that it would effect me, but do you think you could put a link on the main page to the rss feed? there's really no way to know it exists if you don't do that -- don't know if that's intentional or not, but just my suggestion.

(for those who may not know, the rss feed for nvnews is located at http://www.nvnews.net/cgi-bin/rss.cgi)

OldOfEvil 11-20-04 07:41 AM

Re: suggestion(s) for main page
In Firefox there is lil RSS button on the bottom of the browser window that will allow you to subscribe. Doesn't show up in IE though.

Kamel 11-21-04 01:07 AM

Re: suggestion(s) for main page
oh, cool, i didn't even know about that. lol.

i _never_ look at the bottom bar of a page, and never have. not really sure why, it might as well not exist for me, heh.

anyway, thanks for the tip. now i'm going to always search for that because i'm completely addicted to rss feeds, lol.

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