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djlightning 11-19-04 07:40 PM

Video Issues 5900U
A couple of months ago my mobo blew out, so I changed it out with a A7V600. I dint like that board so I went back to an Epox board (8RDA3+ 400 Ultra) Since I went to this mobo I cant get my video to come up to par i.e 5593 3DMark 03. Thought I would bounce this of you guys see if you had any ideas what is going on.

Things I have done with no luck:
Updated to newest Bios
Adjusted the bios 10 ways to sunday
Updated to newest chipset drivers
Updated Forceware drives
Uninstalled Forceware and installed Omega Drives

My Fps have gone to hell and I cant tell if it's Drivers, OS or Hardware

Epox 8RDA3+
512 XMS
BFG 5900U

Kev1 11-19-04 09:54 PM

Re: Video Issues 5900U
That is not a bad 3D Mark score. I get 6150 or so but I flashed mine to a 5950, modded the bios for lower latencys, and overclocked it to 515 core, 985 memory.

If your not prepared to go through these possibly risky steps (well, very little risk if do your homework), I would just try to overclock using coolbits or riva tuner and see how far your card goes before you get artifacts :)

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