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Grechie 11-19-04 09:07 PM

Half-Life2 > Forcing DX 9 Shaders ??
ey peepz,

does anyone know of a way to enable direct x 9, in the options it has 8.1 and greyd out as i cant change, i rememeber the issue saying 5900's will have it disabled coz of processiing power but is there a way to force it through, id like to have a shot at it in DX9 not DX8.1 :)


AthlonXP1800 11-19-04 09:18 PM

Re: Half-Life2 > Forcing DX 9 Shaders ??
Create Half Life 2 shortcut and then go to the shortcut's properties, add
"-dxlevel 90" without quotes. :)

Grechie 11-19-04 09:29 PM

Re: Half-Life2 > Forcing DX 9 Shaders ??
hey thanx heaps/... i did it but it still said dx8.1 in the options and 9.0 is the software one, how would i know when dx 9 is enabled they look very similar?? is there a part in the game were i would notcied a difference..im practailly @ the start, i got my gun etc and im in the train yard shooting at inforcement people

Grechie 11-19-04 10:33 PM

Re: Half-Life2 > Forcing DX 9 Shaders ??
hey i got it, it was "mat_dxlevel90" in the console, thanks man for ur help :)

Grechie 11-19-04 11:27 PM

Re: Half-Life2 > Forcing DX 9 Shaders ??
now that we got that settled, i was wondering, if possbile if theres a way to swap to direct 3d ?

saturnotaku 11-19-04 11:38 PM

Re: Half-Life2 > Forcing DX 9 Shaders ??
Half-Life 2 is Direct3D - that's the graphics part of the DirectX API. Direct Sound, Direct Play, Direct Input and networking components are all part of the total DX package. If you're talking about strictly graphics, then it's Direct3D and OpenGL. Somehow the term "DirectX" has been substituted to mean all games using the Direct3D API when technically that's not completely true.

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