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NinjaMonkey 11-19-04 09:24 PM

GeForce 2 MX with personality issues
A few days ago, when I turned my pc on, I had this weird beep-ing sequence. that sounded like a "graphic card not found".
So I put a RageIIC in, and started 'debugging' the system.

To my surprise, my GF2mx now thinks that it's an nVidia Mutara [NV2]. here's the pci string;
"01:00.0 Non-VGA unclassified device: nVidia Corporation NV2 [Mutara V08] (rev a1)"
And basicly, it just *sits* there, not doing anything. no display output or whatever. just posts as if it's a mutara [oddly enough, windows tried looking for drivers... *g* goodluck on that one]

Ever since, iv'e spent countless hours trying to 'revive' it using nvflash, without any success.

Is there anything i'm doing wrong here?
Can this thing be revived? or am i beating a dead horse?

Hope someone can help me out here.


Kev1 11-19-04 10:02 PM

Re: GeForce 2 MX with personality issues
If you put an ATI card in and loaded drivers to debug system, then put Nvidia card back in, it might be a driver conflict.

I would delete video card drivers, boot to safe mode and run Driver Cleaner 3 (found @guru3d.com) to remove old ATI and/or Nvidia leftover driver files, then reboot and reinstall some newer Nvidia drivers.

If its not driver conflict then maybe its time for a new video card. Lots of cards much better than GF2 MX out now for very little money.

If this problem is because you flashed to wrong bios or one thats not compatible, you may not be able to salvage the card and it will need replacement.

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