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ragejg 11-16-02 04:24 PM

Thanks Pelly!!!
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Pelly sold me a cool-ass CPU (plus a nice *extra*, and I just thought I'd donate a pic of half of our 4 system dungeon, first nite of our new network configuration... One on the other side's only a K6 (file/mp3 server), but it's accompanied by my friend Pappa Cass' Duron 1K/GF4MX440. My xp1600 system is on the right in the picture, same as my sig, but I upgraded my friend jeremiah's system (on the left) with my old 1.33 tbird, and found him an XFX GF4MX440 for $50 to replace his GF2MX. I'm luvin my present setup! Jammin on BF1942 tonite!! It's cool seeing my cpu every time I log onto NVNews...


-r-a-g-e-j-g-:D :D :D

pelly 11-16-02 04:54 PM

Happy to hear that everything worked out well for ya!


Nice "plug" for the article...I imagine it is kinda cool seeing your CPU on the front-page...


ragejg 11-18-02 12:45 PM

Ok, so maybe I'm not the most discerning gamer, as I get satisfaction out of anything Duron 800/GF2ti and up, but It was much more pleasurable having 2 outta the 3 systems no longer saddled with GF2MX's, instead they (PappaCass' Duron 1K/Jeremiah's T-Bird) at least have OC'ed GF4MX440's (with custom fabbed ramsinks).

Boy do we crank out some SETI units...

The fifth computer (if it ever makes it over here) is a t-bird 1.4 w/512mb pc133 and a GF2ti (for some reason I like that card A LOT). Oh yeah, and a 19" monitor, which is an extreme luxury around here.

BF1942 was great friday night and saturday, but like everyone we wish the bots had better AI. Nobody else wanted to get (or re-remember) their ubi accounts straight, so nobody wanted to play the Raven Shield demo w/me... Yeah the servers are crap as of yet

BTW this was also the first time every system was hooked up @ 100mbps... last time half had 10...

... and who's this guy running nv30.com? I was just checking to see if nvidia had it's own website for any dev. projects, but I was suprised by what I was shown. No juicy tidbits, at least not last time I checked...


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