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Jandar 11-16-02 08:06 PM

NVIDIA Alone w/ DDR-II? bad rumor!
That EETimes blurb is FUD Pelly.


From SirEric, an Ati employee.

The card demonstrated on TechTV and the ones mentioned in the ATI press release are all full DDR2 based graphics cards. ATI is the first and only company to have demonstrated the use of DDR2 in a graphics card. There are no tricks being played. In fact, the president of JEDEC demonstrated that DDR2 card on TechTV. No games.

pelly 11-16-02 09:09 PM

EE-Times is a huge publication which is very well-respected....As such, I thought it deserved publication with a "disclaimer" of sorts to ensure everyone realized this was speculation.

"Pelly: Given that the "sources" are not given, we have to treat this as a rumor. However, should this prove to be legit ATI's "DDR-II demonstration" looks to be a rather deceptive act on their part."

Jandar 11-17-02 08:59 AM

The guy from Ati that presented the DDRII board on TechTV is Joe Macri, who happens to be Chairman, JC42.3 DRAM Committee, JEDEC. (DDRII)

Those sources are wrong, I know you have the disclaimer, but just pointing out the facts since mudslinging is coming on strong between companies.


jbirney 11-17-02 05:25 PM


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