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Gibbylinks 12-03-04 05:04 AM

Alsa - SPDIF & Desktop Speakers
I have tried for ages to use my SPDIF connection so I can have my music coming from my stereo as well.

My sound comes from the built in NFORCE2 chip which has been detected as intel8x0 and works.

My problem is when i play back my MP3 files using XMMS under the ALSA config I have 3 possibilities,
"default" (Which plays thru my desktop speakers)
"hw0,1" (which also plays back thru my desktop speakers)
and "hw0,2" (which plays back thru my SPDIF)

Now what I'd really like is to have the sound come from BOTH my SPDIF & desktop speakers at the SAME time. (Which happens in WIN XP - wash my mouth out !!)

I've visited the ALSA site and read stuff at length, but just given myself a headache. I believe it can be done by using h/ware - s/ware mixing somehow.

could somebody put it in "simple" terms for me.

Cheers (xmasgrin)

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