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holmes 12-04-04 02:28 AM

Doom3 linux patch 1286 stability probs
I made a thread in the Doom3 forum, but it's rare to get a linux response over there so I'll ask my question here:

After installing the latest 1286 patch, I keep getting screen freezes and crashes to desktop. This would occasionally happen with the previous version (desktop crash), but not as often. You would think it'd get better with newer patches. Anybody have any ideas? Running the latest 6629 drivers on 2.6.7 kernel on MDK 10.0. I know there's a driver patch from nvidia, does that help this problem?


whig 12-04-04 04:32 PM

Re: Doom3 linux patch 1286 stability probs
Just a guess: that video card draws a lot of power, you have 2 hard disks too - and is that an overclock I see? Monitor your 12V rail (mine says 11.8V at the moment) while video card and disks are going. What is the power rating of your psu?

Hand in hand with that power is heat. Run your gpu/cpu too hot and you will get crashes.

holmes 12-04-04 05:00 PM

Re: Doom3 linux patch 1286 stability probs
Well, I would run the game in windows at the settings in my sig for 6-8 hours at a time, so I doubt it's my overclock (video card @stock in linux). The CPU/mem overclock is Prime95 24hr stable so I don't think it's that either. I should also note that I have a quality PSU that I recently installed, a 430W Antec Trupower. But, I think I'll set everything back to stock just to make sure...

holmes 12-05-04 04:12 PM

Re: Doom3 linux patch 1286 stability probs
hmm.. I reinstalled the game and everything seems to be running great. Although this might have been attributed to a botched kernel patch.. Recompiled 2.6.7 and then uninstalled and reinstalled the game w/the 1286 patch installer. Ran it last night on a torture test for like 8hrs and it ran great. Also, this fixed a problem I was having w/ the game asking me to enter the CD key every time I played MP. Possible bug going from the last patch to the current one? But everything seems ok now...

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