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Niro 11-19-02 12:16 AM

Can't start xwindows!
ok I admit I'm completely new to linux....but I've tried installing it and I can't get it to boot into xwindows. When I try to run startx I get the message "no screens found"....what do I have to do to get this thing to work? I have a geforce 4 ti4600...


Ryo-Ohki 11-19-02 01:52 AM

Did you configure the X Server before trying to start it ?

What distro are you using ?

Niro 11-19-02 07:38 AM

I'm using redhat 8.0. I dunno if I configured xserver...the only config I did was during the install when it asks you for what video card and resolution you want to use...I couldn't install using any knid of gui, it forced me to do it in text mode.


Ryo-Ohki 11-19-02 07:58 AM

Mmmh... Since RedHat is a bit alien :), can you run "xf86config" on your distro ?

Niro 11-19-02 08:12 AM

I actually tried that and it said invalid command...but it was 2 in the morning so I might of mistyped it. ;)

I'm gonna try again when I get home today.

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