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RedLeg 12-12-04 09:33 PM

overclocking 6800 gt?
hey all just updated my driver set for my 6800gt. I cant seem to find the OC tab I reinstalled riva tuner, what am I missing here? As always any and all help is appreciated:)

saturnotaku 12-12-04 09:39 PM

Re: overclocking 6800 gt?
Use the search function, Luke.

RedLeg 12-12-04 10:03 PM

Re: overclocking 6800 gt?
lol ok chewy luke isnt quite a jedi master yet. could you expand?

1337_Like_ThaT 12-17-04 04:34 PM

Re: overclocking 6800 gt?
Just Drop Coolbits2 onto your system and start with the OC. :D That's what I use, plain and basic registry mod, just how I like it (snowlol)

CDsDontBurn 12-17-04 05:00 PM

Re: overclocking 6800 gt?
all about the coolbits ;)

latinmike 01-13-05 01:59 AM

Re: overclocking 6800 gt?
coolbits is the way to go

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