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ajmould 11-19-02 04:59 PM

Please help - SCSI CDRW
I'm relatively new to linux and am trying to work out how to get my SCSI cd rewriter to work under Redhat 8.0.

The drive is a YAMAHA CRW2100S-VK
with SCSI card: -
Tekram DC-315U

I have no idea where to start with this. I have tried the manufacturers website and searching the internet, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


kappax 11-21-02 08:27 PM

Can you post me your dmesg,

but anyway, you are in luck! linux only burns on scsi cdrw ( that is why your ide cdrw would be emulated via scsi emulation)



ajmould 11-22-02 06:23 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Have attatched the dmesg file for you to look at. I started both of those programs and they couldn't detect the CD ROM drive.:rolleyes:

kappax 11-24-02 11:36 AM

hmm it does not seem to see your scsi card, (from what i can tell )

i see it picking up your sis chip set
making hda and hdc

but i never hsee any other hd's
you are going to have to recompile your kernel and make sure you have scsi support for your card built in to the kernel.

ajmould 11-24-02 12:37 PM

How would I do that?

I managed to find some files on tekrams site, but none of them seem to execute properly. I tried reading the instructions and they made no sense to me at all. :eek:

ajmould 12-09-02 09:06 AM

I'm still struggling with this. I tried using the makefiles off of Tekrams site but they don't work. I just get loads of errors. I've tried using the make xconfig command and enabling scsi through there. I then restarted the computer, but it still didn't see my card.

Is there any program that can enable my card automatically?

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