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clarendon 12-14-04 09:14 AM

card not recognised
Hi, don't suppose anyone can help me...
I just added a fan to my Leadtek A250 card (a Ti4600 card), and on reinsertion, it no longer seems to be recognised at all. I've tried lots of things, installing/uninstalling the drivers, driver cleaner, reinstalling the card. But each time i boot, I see no sign of the card on device manager, just a VGA card running the generic driver (which is not much use). Installing the NVidia driver SAYS it is working, but when I reboot, it plainly hasn't. The AGP seems to be working fine, according to Everest...and certainly the feed for the monitor is successful coming out of the card, not off the mb.

Tech support at my vendor has been hopeless....but maybe someone out there....


dsessom 12-14-04 11:54 AM

Re: card not recognised
Is it possible that you accidently scratched one of the traces on the PCB?
I have seen that happen, with the exact results you are describing.

clarendon 12-14-04 12:19 PM

Re: card not recognised
I fear it's highly possible!
Would there be any way to do a diagnostic?
The odd thing is that it is still functioning as the output device for the monitor, as the monitor is stil plugged into it.

Still, if it IS bust, that's my excuse for a 6800GT!

WimpMiester 12-14-04 03:59 PM

Re: card not recognised
Did you try updating the driver from within device manager?

clarendon 12-14-04 04:51 PM

Re: card not recognised
i did...but no luck.

Kickus_assius 12-14-04 06:32 PM

Re: card not recognised
Look at all of the leads on the PCB that plug into the AGP slot and if any are scratched, then that's the problem. Always try upgrading chipset drivers, they may have somehow gotten screwed up when you removed the card. Finally, try reverting to the last known drivers that worked.

clarendon 12-15-04 04:43 AM

Re: card not recognised
thanks....I increasingly think I probably screwed it up.

Annoying, but an excuse for a new card. What's a good not-quite top of the range card for HL2, BF2 (when it comes) etc? Is 256M essential?

dsessom 12-15-04 05:43 AM

Re: card not recognised
I just got an XFX 6600GT from NewEgg, and it is faster than my Radeon 9800XT (256MB). The 6600GT has 128MB of GDDR3, so 256 is not essential.

Here is the link for the card at NewEgg

Lfctony 12-15-04 11:06 AM

Re: card not recognised
6600GT, fast and cheap. A 9800 Pro would be a cheaper alternative, if you can find one in the $150 region. 256MB is not necessary for what you are asking.

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