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ibm2080 12-15-04 05:38 AM

Expanding "NVIDIA Linux Forum"

I would like, first of all, to say that the nVidia Linux Forum helped me a lot in resolving some issues I had with my new nForce3 mobo and my old GeForce3 card :).

The only suggestion I have to make it easier for users of this forum to find their answers is to split the "NVIDIA Linux Forum" into two: one for the graphics cards and the other for the nForce mobos. It would make browsing the Linux forums much easier, I think.


saturnotaku 12-15-04 07:10 AM

Re: Expanding "NVIDIA Linux Forum"
The forum descriptions clearly state that the NVIDIA Linux forum is intended solely for graphics cards. The other Linux forum is the catch-all for everything else. If there's an issue you have a question about, use the search function first, then if you don't see what you're looking for, then create a thread in the appropriate forum.

ibm2080 12-16-04 05:43 AM

Re: Expanding "NVIDIA Linux Forum"
After taking a look at both the NVIDIA and General Linux Forums, here is a clearer version of my request.

What I found out is that the NVIDIA linux forum, even if the description says that it is for graphics cards (I am not sure that John Doe reads that before posting, are you?), is filled with threads about nForce chips too. I also found threads about graphics cards in the General linux forum, :D.

What I am saying is that I got a little confused myself when I first started to visit and post here at nvnews. I admit that I did not read the forum description and thought that the NVIDIA forum is for all things related to nvidia products in the linux world, and that the general linux forum is to discuss all things linux that are not particularly related to nvidia stuff.

I am now accustomed to finding threads about what I need. And yes, I use the search method quite a bit too. I am just raising this issue to encourage some order in the linux forums (as those are the ones that interest me the most) and help newcomers find their way fast.

I would think that having three different forums for linux would clear things out quite drastically. Think about these three:
- NVIDIA Graphics Cards Linux Forum
- NVIDIA nForce Chips Linux Forum
- General Linux Forum

But hey, thats just my thoughts.


sonycrx 12-18-04 03:21 PM

Re: Expanding "NVIDIA Linux Forum"

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