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Dark Death 12-17-04 02:51 PM

Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb

this is my first post here. i didnt know where to put this so i put it in this forum, well i bought this graphic card a couple of months gao befor the summer vacation, well i got a couple of games that have laggy graphics because of this card... and also some games have messed up graphics because of this graphic card. what do you guys think is wrong? eevrything is plugged in right with latest DirectX9.0c and latest graphics card.

thank you i will check in after a while to see your replies.

saturnotaku 12-17-04 03:06 PM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb
Posting the rest of your system specs would help, including motherboard, CPU, power supply brand/wattage (very important), video card brand name/model, operating system, video driver versions you tried and a thorough description of exactly the problems you're experiencing. "Laggy" and "messed up" aren't exactly descriptive. If you have screenshots available to post, those would be helpful as well.

Dark Death 12-17-04 03:39 PM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb
The problem is that when playing Battlefield 1942 the mountains keep leaving trails of them selves over the water(Coral sea), and the graphics are just very messed up for the game.

another thing is that Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, alot of things in the game are colored in specs of Pink. and almost all my games in the begining of the game with the EA games cinematic and other things have a evry messed up graphics and choppy sound.

The version of the drivers i use is 66.93 WHQL certified, for windows XP http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_66.93 .

Intel Celeron <-- CPU
60 Gb
2.2 ghz
512 mb
Nvidia Geforce Fx 5200 128mb graphics card
Intel Corpration Motherboard i845g Chipset

thats all i could get out.

and sorry i dont have screen shots but i will try to get some..
and i dont have Battlefield 1942 anymore, but im still wonderign why that happened.(it happened around a month ago when i had the game but CD broke)

Dark Death 12-17-04 05:49 PM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb
Umm, does any one have any suggestions? i also wanted to add that when i Reformat my computer and download the drivers offered on the Windows updates everything works fine, but when i download the LATEST drivers from the Nvidia webpage the problems come up. soem times games even have a black screen from the latest drivers...

Daneel Olivaw 12-17-04 09:38 PM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb
maybe use release 50 drivers, might be a bit better for the FX series...

Dark Death 12-18-04 10:25 AM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb
hmm....where do you think i can get those?

saturnotaku 12-18-04 10:30 AM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb

Dark Death 12-18-04 10:41 AM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb
where should i look in downloads? im sorry but im not really software/hardware nvidia literate.

i tried searching Release 50 drivers but alot of files came up.

saturnotaku 12-18-04 10:47 AM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb
It says on the right hand column "Forceware drivers (NVIDIA)." You can't miss it. Once you go there, scroll about 1/3 of the way down and there will be listings for the various 5x.xx drivers. Start with 56.73 and work your way down.

Dark Death 12-18-04 11:00 AM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb
My friends my head is going to explode from all these numbers. will you tell me exactly which one to download and i wont bother you guys ever ever again? heck you can even ban my IP but please tell me the exact driver to download!

i see lots of detonator driver(which i think not the one to download) and i see lots of ForceWare drivers which are the ones you want me to download, and i cant seem to see a version '50'. blah...

http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?id=10 <--- here are all the drivers..

saturnotaku 12-18-04 11:53 AM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Start with 56.73 and work your way down.

Was I talking to myself here?

We can't tell you what driver is going to work on your specific system. Trial and error is going to be the only way you'll find out.

Dark Death 12-18-04 12:03 PM

Re: Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics card 128mb
ok thank you

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