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Land Of Voivod 12-18-04 10:11 PM

How to enable nvidia driver for 6800 GT?
Hi guys, i`m pretty new here and i greet you all (rudolf)

I have a problem with my leadtek A400 6800GT and SUSE 9.1. I did an install of nvidia driver from a root account and of course xless and everything went smooth. SUSE told me that i need to enable nvidia driver after reboot, and when i listed nvidia drivers in Xast (is that the name of the configurator?) there`s not a single one card that belong to the geforce 6*** family.

Can I or should I do it somehow else? I`m really new in linux and i dont want to kill it in the first :)

I heard that I should edit some config file from nv to nvidia but i`m not sure thats all i should do.

Thanks for any help that`ll follow :)

Land Of Voivod 12-18-04 11:50 PM

Re: How to enable nvidia driver for 6800 GT?
And yes, no matter how i adjust my monitor (compaq P1100) system always boots and works in only 1024z768 /16bit /60hz.

I even inputed H and V ranges and everything that configurator asked me, but it just stays the same. Someone have an idea?

holmes 12-22-04 02:41 PM

Re: How to enable nvidia driver for 6800 GT?
Just install nvidia's 6629 driver you can get HERE . When you boot make sure you are on runlevel 3 (X should not be running). You can do this from a command line as root while you're already in an X session if you want. Execute the .run file and you should be good to go. Assuming you're not running a different kernel, it should configure automatically for your distro. If not, you can add in flags to create a custom kernel interface or extract it first. Next, edit your XF86/ XOrg config file and place "nvidia" in place of whatever driver you were running before. Reboot and you should be seeing the nvidia splash screen and enjoy 3D acceleration. You should read the install how to for a more thorough explanation. I am unfamiliar with setting up the drivers in Suse and see that there are special install instructions on that link. Probably best to read that first... But that's it in a nutshell...


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